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  1. applying for NEURO RN position.

    I am applying for Neuroscience RN position. Can anyone give me tips or list of disease I should master in if I ever get called in for interview. Thank you.
  2. Nursing scrubs

    Where can I buy good and cheap nursing male scrubs. Help
  3. Pearson Vue Trick 2015 Latest

    Ok thank you .. So did u have an IP. I heard if u have an IP and u pass yiur license get posted faster
  4. Does anyone know if nclex rn exam is corrected by pearsonvue or BRN ?
  5. Pearson Vue Trick 2015 Latest

    Ok thank you very much . That gave me some relief.. I was wondering . This was my second time taking it . Does that has to do anything with and I fgraduated in 2013 .
  6. Pearson Vue Trick 2015 Latest

    Hey nursecalif. Yes I been doing Pearsonvue trick at least 3 times a day and still getting the good PPP up . But BRN nothing . How many quesutions did u get on ur exam. You mentioned previously that if u got between 100-199 your result get posted on...
  7. Might've passed?!

    Hey rubiya.. Any update on your end ? . I checked the BRN again this am still nothing.
  8. Pearson Vue Trick 2015 Latest

    I also took my nclex on jan 3rd. My comp got shut off at 110. I tried the pvt and got the pop up saying "our record indicates that you recently scheduled this test another registration can not be make at this time" . I have been trying it every day s...
  9. Might've passed?!

    Hey do you know how many questions you . I found this post idk if it's an accurate . took mine on a saturday. It cancelled by Sunday and my license popped in on Tuesday. they say 48 business hours, but I noticed with my friends that the number of que...
  10. nclex

    Really. that sucks. its already been 4 days. No i did not apply for the IP. I tried calling BRN, but the lines were busy. I called Pearsonvue yesterday, they told me it should be updated today, however there was nothing. . man i hate this feeling. d...
  11. nclex

    Any updates on your side . I checked this am still nothing
  12. Might've passed?!

    Anything yet rubiya
  13. Hurry up and wait

    I feel the same way
  14. nclex

    Thank you. Did you get the good pop up too ? It's sucks Cali don't participate in quick result
  15. nclex

    Hello I'm from California . I took my nclex rn this past Saturday . I checked the pvt afterword and got the good pop up, however I checked in BON website and there is nothing posted . Does anyone know how long will it take to show my name on BON webs...