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AngusandOlive has 15 years experience and specializes in Neuro ICU.

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  1. AngusandOlive

    Snow & calling out of work

    I live in the south too and completely understand your concern, I'm terrified of driving on black ice after a bad experience driving home from work one morning a few January's ago. Since then, I know to watch the forecast closely and I keep an overnight bag packed and ready, including a single Coleman air mattress. The last time I was scheduled during a winter storm, most of our ICU staff ended up staying, working out what needed to be done for their kids and pets with family and friends. Not everyone has resources available but for those who can stay or can still make it to work, it makes every difference.
  2. AngusandOlive

    Nursincas 3.0 issues

    Has anyone else had technical problems with nursingcas 3.0? I entered all of the information necessary, including every course from the three colleges I have attended, but the system will not save my preferred phone number so I can't submit my application! I've used two computers and three browsers. My deadline is April 1st for fall admission to USA's ACNP program. I have talked to customer support three times and they say that others are having the same issue. My ticket has been in for over a week now and there is "unfortunately" no way I can speak with tech support. So I just sit and wait for a response... So I'm curious if anyone has experienced this and gotten resolution.
  3. AngusandOlive

    UAB Adult ACNP program

    I'm applying for the Fall 2015 Adult ACNP program at UAB and was wondering if anyone here is in this program or or graduated from it. If so, how is your experience so far and would you recommend this program? Thanks for any feedback.