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  1. mero


    Good day to all I need your help to give me a crazy ideas that can help our hospital to reduce and minimize the incidences report Thanks alot
  2. mero

    unit based nursing

    ok thanks alot😉
  3. mero

    unit based nursing

    sorry can you explain more
  4. mero

    unit based nursing

    I am looking for anyone that currently uses a unit based nursing council where they work. Some hospitals call this shared governance, core council, nursing council... I need some ideas or any website that can help me to develop a proposal for this type of nursing leadership model on the current unit which I work. Any help would be great. Thank you.
  5. mero

    NICU KPI indicator

    hi good day for all .... i am registered nurse in NICU and i need your help i want to know what are the KPI indicator in your unit like Nosocomial infection and low birth weight .........ect and according to what you are choose this indicator and how you are collection the date ****** have a nice day thanks