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  1. How much RN experience?

    @kadphilly hi! I’d love to hear more about your experience. I’m a fresh new grad RN. I will be starting NP school in the fall when I officially have one full year of RN experience under my belt. I am extremely nervous to be the one to order tests and...
  2. FNP vs AGACNP help

    IDK what to do FNP track allows me to : Work in aesthetic/derm nursing if I choose to do that down the road. Work in a clinic setting. Makes me a good candidate for whatever job because I can work with all ages. What sort of rotations? nursing h...
  3. Is there a CLINICAL DNP?

    @HOPEforRNs Ideally I'd still like to focus on the medical side of it all once I become an FNP. I am brand new BSN grad and I work on tele right now. I absolutely love the medical side of it and knowing how to respond, giving medications etc. I just ...
  4. MSN vs DNP

    I am looking into becoming an FNP and applying to programs that start Fall 2021. I just don't know which route to take. For those that have their DNP, do you feel like there were enough courses in your program that taught you how to diagnose and trea...
  5. Is there a CLINICAL DNP?

    @sadiemae1123 Do you feel like there were enough classes in your DNP program to help you diagnose and treat patients? I heard the MSN route sets you up to diagnose and treat more so than a DNP route which is focused on evidenced based research and le...
  6. FNP ACNP Dual Programs

    @SopranoKris Thank you! Super helpful. That's the program I'm actually looking into applying! I just wasn't sure if it was online because I don't live anywhere near that state. Do they help you find your clinical instructors/placements? I saw a lot ...
  7. FNP ACNP Dual Programs

    I am so confused on what to choose. I am not sure if I want to pursue a DNP or MSN. I have heard that DNP is more focused on leadership/management and does not really enhance your clinical practice skills (correct me if I heard wrong). Secondly, I ...
  8. RN residency

    Has anyone heard of Virginia Mason RN residency? or does anyone have experience working at this hospital? I am doing more research before I commit. What can I expect with a residency program? Anything helps thanks
  9. Virginia Mason Residencies 2019

    When are the start dates for the residency? I applied but I am in Oregon for school and I don’t graduate till May
  10. Anyone have experience with Virginia Mason in Seattle?

    When are the start dates for the residency? I applied but I am in Oregon for school and I don’t graduate till May
  11. How can I make myself stand out. I made a portfolio with reference letters, a resume, general cover letter which I can edit depending where I apply. I have only clinical experience and random other jobs including department store cashier and a barist...
  12. Total care

    I had two total care patients the other day and I am quite small and petite. I was definitely sore the next day and my lower back was in pain. How can I really avoid back pain and injury? I am doing all the right steps such as raising the bed, bendin...
  13. Best work schedule

    I was wondering what a good way would be to organize your work schedule during day shifts. If I were to work three 12’s what’s the best way to organize it so I can have time to travel without using vacation days?