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  1. zinaptl

    FNP ACNP Dual Programs

    I am so confused on what to choose. I am not sure if I want to pursue a DNP or MSN. I have heard that DNP is more focused on leadership/management and does not really enhance your clinical practice skills (correct me if I heard wrong). Secondly, I don't know if I want to pursue FNP or acute care. I have been considering a dual program or going the FNP route and then taking a post masters certification for acute care. I want the flexibility to see all kinds of patients (FNP) but I also don't want to sit in a clinic everyday and see the same patients with the same chronic issues. I like the excitement and rush of acute situations (ACNP). If I decide soon, ideally, I can go back within a year to pursue a masters degree. I would love to hear any advice.
  2. zinaptl

    RN residency

    Has anyone heard of Virginia Mason RN residency? or does anyone have experience working at this hospital? I am doing more research before I commit. What can I expect with a residency program? Anything helps thanks
  3. How do you deal with inappropriate patient behavior (exposing self randomly), hitting call light frequently for no reason, verbally saying sexual things ? As a student nurse I don’t have the confidence to be stern but the things I do say come off as silly or small and doesn’t affect patient behavior. What do I do l? Help I’m honestly so uncomfortable and want to cry. This has never happened to me before so as a first experience I’m pretty unhappy. Please send examples of what to say.
  4. How can I make myself stand out. I made a portfolio with reference letters, a resume, general cover letter which I can edit depending where I apply. I have only clinical experience and random other jobs including department store cashier and a barista. I feel like it’s not enough 😞 I want to work in the ICU but at this point I’ll take what I can get. What do nurse hiring managers look for ?
  5. zinaptl

    Total care

    I had two total care patients the other day and I am quite small and petite. I was definitely sore the next day and my lower back was in pain. How can I really avoid back pain and injury? I am doing all the right steps such as raising the bed, bending at the hips, using another person to help me etc.
  6. zinaptl

    Best work schedule

    I was wondering what a good way would be to organize your work schedule during day shifts. If I were to work three 12’s what’s the best way to organize it so I can have time to travel without using vacation days?
  7. zinaptl

    NP or PA?

    I know that picking between the two depends on the person. However, I may sound selfish or greedy saying this but I want to be able to live well off on my own. Why do PA's make more money? (I'm still in high school so I am aware that I don't have much knowledge on any of this).
  8. I am still in high school and I am considering. I would eventually like to have a career as an NP and live in Seattle. Is seattle a good city for this? Is there opportunities to be successful?

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