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  1. guest874748

    Dropped from cohort

    I need advice, I don't know if I should push the issue because I'm a believer that if something is going wrong from the beginning that it's an ominous sign! I also know that everyone is convinced they're 'right' in a disagreement, so I'm worried I'm being subjective about my fault in this. I got into 2 out of 3 programs I applied for this semester. I picked a program, paid for my classes by the deadline and figured the compliance orientation would be 'reminded' when it was about to come up. I check my school email every 5 or so days. I check my email and see a message that I am dropped from the program because I missed the Zoom orientation! Literally cut me out of my classes within hours of getting the message. I contact back pretty informally and 2 days later I get a one sentence response saying, "unfortunately you are no longer able to be apart of the program this semester" and the one that dropped me (a coordinator, not the head of the department) didn't respond to the secretary of the nursing department's email on my behalf. The secretary said she'd forward it to the head of the department, still no response today. I don't think this is OK. While I know it is my fault I didn't note the date of the online orientation, that was nearly a month ago. With no reminder that it was approaching and no phone call for the make-up orientation the next day (or any phone call, just blindsided). The school itself, not the nursing program, texts, calls and emails me every day to the point of spam tbh! Everything you don't need, nothing you do I swear. Do you think I should push this issue? My family is telling me this isn't OK for them to have done this to me (the school is being kind of cagey about refunding my tuition, it's a community college so I doubt it will be a problem, but I'm getting the vibe they're not going to hand it over without contacting 10+ people about it) My parents also tell me I'm very smart 😆 LOL I don't know how much of it is just them trying to make me feel better about screwing myself for something so arbitrary. Lots of self blame right now! Do you think it is pointless to argue this? How far would you pursue this? I gave up my other acceptance for this program so I feel pretty salty about it.
  2. guest874748

    Low GPA

    yeah if you look through the student handbooks of all the nursing programs (well, the undergraduate haven't looked into any of the master's/doctorate) you'll see there's a phrase in all of them saying, "challenge exams available for all nursing courses" something along those lines. I take it since the sketchy for profit schools have this in their handbooks too that it must be a requirement. I know that California is weird about licensing. Like the Bar for lawyers, you can shadow an attorney for a couple of years a forego law school all together. There's something with lpn to RN special too, like if you are an lpn you can petition to take the NCLEX-RN over the NCLEX-pn. I'm not in nursing school here (it's a long story that involved me missing the 5 year deadline on a few pre-reqs a couple of years ago) I just know her because I live in a town of 25,000 people LOL I actually got into a community college out in Dallas. I dk how I feel about doing nursing school with all this lock down stuff in NM, I got #5 on the waitlist for CNM but I think I'm still going to do the Dallas route even if I do get accepted. I just like the hustle there, weather and it being green. NM is such a depressed desert wasteland. If it wasn't for the oil money (this year has been pretty brutal) I think majority of people in my area would pack up and never look back ha
  3. guest874748

    Thoughts on ABSN/ELMSN School Debt

    why not do an accelerated ADN at a community college? There's one in oklahoma city that's like 9 months, Houston has one that is "self paced" online didactic, Philadelphia has one for like 11 months (I believe this is a private program though, probably costly) and I think they're doing one in Seattle too. It's for people with prior degrees only. Personally, I'd do that and do a bridge program to an MSN. The BSN is a lot of BS from what I understand. The RN to MSN programs for nurses with bachelor's degrees in other fields are like 3 classes.
  4. guest874748

    CRNA or med school

    CRNA. Osteopathic programs (DO) have the same curriculum as Allopathic programs (MD) with the addition of about 20 more credit hours (these are kind of like a chiropractic education). Medical school requires calculus, calculus based physics for 2 semesters, organic Chemistry with labs for 2 semesters and a 300 level statistics class. So you do all this and pass the MCAT, get into a program. From there you'll do 2 years of coursework (sit for usmle 1) and 2 years of hospital clinical work (sit for usmle 2). But it doesn't end there! After graduating you apply for a residency. Nobody wants primary care or internal medicine and if you are a US grad you'll probably want a R.O.A.D (radiology, ophthalmology, anesthesiology, dermatology) - these are the sought after residencies. Regardless of what residency you chose, these are a minimum of 3 years (I believe the family practice is actually 4 now). A lot of states will let you practice with just one year of residency in any specialty, but no hospitals will allow you to practice until you are 'board certified' which requires completing the entire residency or even grant you hospital privileges. Liability insurers require hospital privileges to perform in-office procedures with the potential of an emergency (vascular ablation, lasik, eyelid surgery, tumor removal) so completing a full residency isn't really an option. So a year and a half for medical school prereqs, 4 years in medical school, 3-4 years of working 80 hours a week for $40,000 a year with $200,000 in student loans. Or A RN to MSN program for 3 years and $45,000 in debt with a starting salary of $140,000/year. I would only do the medical school route if you plan on going into the high paying specialties. To go into primary care and make $20,000 more a year than a NP after all that work would make me really salty tbh If I were you I'd definitely do the CRNA route
  5. guest874748

    RN, BSN (with master and Doctorate in other field)

    Money I'm sure. Of all the ridiculous college success annoying stuff they made me do in high school and throughout college, none of them ever mentioned CLEP. How many people would take any gen ED's knowing that you could test out of them for $90 and get college credit? If you Google "credit by exam california nursing" you can find the student handbooks all say something along the lines, "challenge exams available for all nursing courses" I'm assuming since for profit schools also have this written that it must be some kind of requirement by the state considering other states don't have that option (with the few that will let you test out of pharmacology and pathophysiology- which really aren't even nursing courses)
  6. guest874748

    RN, BSN (with master and Doctorate in other field)

    I know that in California there is some rule that requires nursing programs to offer challenge exams for all nursing courses (at least for the ADN and BSN programs) perhaps you could check out a FNP program based there and see if it's for the master's programs too. I'm sure as a PT some of the NP material has to overlap, so it wouldn't take too much studying and would cut down on the time and expense a bit.
  7. guest874748

    Low GPA

    There is a girl in my small town of NM that came here just for the nursing program from California because it's so hard to get in there. I'm assuming because there's a requirement for Cali nursing programs that a student can test out of all courses that there's a lot of out of state applicants driving up the GPA and HESI scores. I think if I was going to do the private school route in California (I saw some of them, $50,000 for an ADN...I doubt there's many applicants to those programs), I would first confirm that I could challenge exam some of the classes to try to get the cost down a bit/speed it along
  8. guest874748

    Is Going to a Non-Accredited School a Waste of Time?

    ah sorry I just saw your question, I got into Brookhaven in Dallas. I actually wasn't expecting it because my grades aren't too hot, but I scored well on the HESI. I'm in New Mexico and thought I'd get into Central NM community college because their ADN is a noncompetitive lottery system. But I didn't get drawn! Apparently there were a lot of applicants this semester (170 or so applicants for 60 seats- that's still a pretty good chance if you ask me) but I can't put it off another semester waiting around, so TX here I come.
  9. guest874748

    Is Going to a Non-Accredited School a Waste of Time?

    I'm no longer thinking about it because I got into a community college program, but some of the 'BON-only' accredited were tempting because of their credit hour requirements. Hypothetically, if you graduated from one of these associate RN programs and were able to pass the NCLEX, what would be the issue? I know limited initial employment opportunities but I can't see a huge downside to it vs. going to PIMA, ECPI, Carrington
  10. guest874748

    Is Going to a Non-Accredited School a Waste of Time?

    Hondros' direct entry ADN program was really tempting. They count ANY 30 hour college experience and pretty much place you on the same level as an LPN. Plus A&P 1 and 2, math, english, were all apart of the program, not pre-reqs. I don't know, I added it up and it was going to be like 9 months/28 credit hours for me. Had I not gotten into a 16 straight month program with community college tuition, I would have gone there. From what I understand, as long as a program is approved by the BON in the state they operate, you can apply for licensure anywhere. I think the problem comes from not graduating with an associates, like trying to transfer to a prelicensure BSN program.
  11. guest874748

    Help I'm failing Anatomy for a 2nd time?

    anatomy and physiology is really just memorization and it's pretty hard to do without mneunomics. I always used the "for dummies" or mometrix version of whatever class I was in for about $25. It annoys me that colleges make you purchase textbooks by making you do those quizzes at the end of each chapter. Has anatomy & physiology really changed much in the last 10 years? College Algebra different version every 4 years? it's ridiculous. The mometrix is about 1/5 as long as the textbook and will teach you about 95% of the material. Adderall is something I didn't get on until my mid-20's and I really wonder what my academic history would have been like if I had had it in high school. I thought being spacey or the feeling like you're in a dream-like state was normal, almost like there was this invisible barrier between me and the outside that always kept me being an observer. I don't know, it's hard to explain. I think you should think about getting on some ADD medication and see how that affects your memory retention.
  12. guest874748

    Friend diagnosed with cancer but can't get surgery?

    Patients can order their own blood work now thanks to the lobbying Theranos did in AZ. I go through ultawellness, Quest does the draw, it's pretty cheap. Rising PSA, AFP? Blood work in the mean time might help ease his mind if nothing else. I actually had something where I couldn't get a dx. All my symptoms could have been the PCOS wiki page, but I had massive pain down my legs. Literally anything I said was just in my mind and that I was depressed. I ended up going down to Tijuana for weight loss surgery because I was getting so overweight and hairy in the span of a year. Anyways, the doctor who performed my surgery (which went great, $5000 for belly button incision sleeve) suggested I get an abdominal MRI beforehand and the radiologist told me, "your ovary is size of an orange" I ended up getting my stomach surgery then flying back and having surgery to remove the ovary done about a month later for $1800 with a doctor that the radiologist recommended. All of my medical care there was great, from all 3 facilities. Back to 115lbs, acne is gone and after about $600 in electrolysis, back to normal.
  13. I hate that sociopaths can claw their way to the top and keep going like nothing ever happened. And who looks "crazy?" I'm a big believer that someone can be driven into insanity. '48 Laws of Power' and 'The Art of War' helped stopped the "victim" cycle I was always stuck in. It sucks you even have to read stuff like that because it would never occur to you, the average person, that someone would do those things. I just looked at the website involved, they pop up on my facebook like 3 times a day (I suppose because I was googling credit by exam nursing for awhile) they're also one of the first sites that pop up when you Google that too. I'm not going to copy and paste or even summarize (wouldn't want a DMCA suit too...potential copyright trolling) but that asterisk behind their description on facebook. Like say anything/claim anything, just put an * there. If it were me, I'd get all of the court documents and upload them to scribd (pacer to see other suits). Then put the hashtags used for their search engine optimization in the document description. #test #achievetest #preptest #creditbyexam something like that. Scribd is pretty aggressive with SEO, so you won't have to put in any more emotional energy fighting this Goliath. Streisand Effect.
  14. I can't answer for California because I applied in OK, TX. All the schools I applied for took my highest grade for my pre-reqs. I was able to substitute my college algebra C for my trigonometry A for my math prereq, as well as my organic chem 1 for the intro chem for all 3 programs. But yeah at all 3 schools, they just looked at one of the courses from that area.
  15. The fact that she is pushing for a friendship with someone who has made it pretty clear she really doesn't want to be friends points to other issues going on in her life. Depression, anxiety, poor self worth, I don't know. I'm a big believer in the concept that people accept the love they think they deserve This kind of reminds me of my cats and dog. Personally, I don't really like animals that much. But they were all strays who managed to find their way to me whether I liked it or not. They are indoor/outdoor (doggy door) and mostly just chill on the patio doing whatever it is they do all day. They take such a small amount of my time and energy to tend to, but if it wasn't for me they would likely not be alive. It's always cool to be kind. Is it really that big of a deal to invite her next time you and your friend take a snack break?
  16. I remember winning a coloring contest at my grocery store back when I was around that age and the "2nd place" kids mom was arguing with the manager saying mine sucked compared to the other runner-ups. I cried as I accepted my gift basket, it was actually pretty traumatic. Kids take small stuff very personally. I would imagine an adult, even as low functioning as these ones are, would know this. The mom shouldn't have put her kid in this situation either, just like some of the people bringing their kids to the volatile protests going on right now. Oh a brighter note, I sometimes think about what a failure I am, but then I watch footage like this and it reminds me that I'm doing OK in life.