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  1. EmLa0113

    Spartanburg SC Nursing

    Hi all! I am seriously considering relocating to the Spartanburg, SC area from NC. I have about 4 years RN experience, 2 years in an inpatient setting and 2 in an outpatient setting. I am curious about people's opinions of hospital nursing in the Spartanburg area and about the approximate pay I could expect. Thank you in advance!
  2. EmLa0113

    Med Surg & Micro!!!!!

    The best advice I can give you about med-surg is making a chart for each illness that you learn about. Include pathophys, causes, symptoms, lab values, treatments and outcomes, or anything significant to the illness. Keep them in a binder so you can refer to them for brushing up on your knowledge or studying for exams! I found that doing this really helped organize my knowledge, especially since medsurg content is so extensive.