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  1. Keene state college and Plymouth state university, both are in New Hampshire. I think Plymouth state is more of what you're looking for. The nursing classes doesn't start until junior year there so it's easier to transfer in.
  2. Accelerated BSN vs MSN-E??

    Are you sure the schools won't accept your A&P course? With my experience, accredited schools will accept A&P 1 and 2 sequence for anatomy and physiology. I think the way the courses are listed is a regional thing. Look at the fine print or c...
  3. Mental Health and Nursing in Virginia...

    Rural/small town Virginia is still adn friendly. Not so much around northern VA/DC, Richmond, Virginia Beach/south Hampton Roads, and Charlottesville. I mean, you can still possibly get an acute job in these areas but it will be more difficult. It's ...
  4. Nursing School Options

    George Washington University has a great RN to MSN program for people that already have a bachelors. All you have to do is take one bridge course. No prerequisites. They offer lots of concentrations including NP and midwifery. I'm looking into this p...
  5. ACEN or NLNAC

    They are the same. NLNAC changed their name to ACEN.
  6. NP or PA?

    you could just finish the bsn program with excellent grades, and then apply to uc davis. their program is the only one in the U.S. that offers a dual NP/PA certifications. you apply to the NP program, then apply within the school to the PA one. You f...
  7. Applying for TNCC RN program (VA)

    They pick the clinical sites. It's rare to have a program that lets you pick. They do give preferences, though. But I spoke to someone who just graduated from the program in May and they said you only have to go to Richmond a total of 5 times! The Ri...
  8. Question about Accelerated BSN Programs

    Virginia Commonwealth university: 5 classes. A&P 1 and 2, stats, microbiology, and developmental psyc. You can Clep/dantes psych (even stats, if you're motivated/capable), so could be 4 or 3 classes. Highly regarded state university with a natio...
  9. Applying for TNCC RN program (VA)

    Another advice: look into ODU concurrent bsn program!
  10. Applying for TNCC RN program (VA)

    Overall, I didn't find the teas too difficult. But I didn't do overly well because I didn't try. I only bought the ati book. Skimmed the book in 2 days, only reviewing the math and science sections. Didn't do any of the practice questions/exams. i d...
  11. Applying for TNCC RN program (VA)

    I will be come August. From talking to other graduates and the faculty, they seem like a great program. Everything is so personalized and the director goes out of her way for students. Yeah, I live in Williamsburg and will be commuting 45 mins but i...
  12. Applying for TNCC RN program (VA)

    I don't have any specific tips regarding tncc. But in case you won't get in, I highly suggest you look into rappahannock community college, if it's not too far for you (under an hour from Hampton). It's nice to have a back up plan, so apply to as man...
  13. Get paid to go through CRNA school...

    Thanks for answering and the feedback. Greatly appreciated!
  14. radiology, specifically becoming an interventional radiology NP.
  15. Bowel Perforation and Barium

    Barium is not water solutable. That's why it's always bad if it gets into the lungs, cavities, and etc. I have seen x-Ray pictures of it and it is not pretty. Surgery is needed to remove the barium.