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  1. koki

    Predictive Analytics

    Hi, I an RN with experience working in inpatient clinical environment, an analytics department and an informatics department. In my current position I currently use EMR data, mostly allscripts, to analyze workflow. I am pretty versed in SQL and tableau at this point. I also have a degree in epidemiology and have some experience with R in a grad school setting. My currently position always me to use whatever tools I want to accomplish some tasks. I have some freedom to investigate my own areas of interest. Mostly I work alone and was wondering if there is anyone out there in a similar position as mine. Anyone who has used R or similar program/languages to develop predictive models either using nursing data or develop models that would benefit nursing in some fashion. I wonder what other organizations are doing in this space that I occupy.
  2. Thanks so much for your reply. Out of curiousily what kind of consulting work do you or did you do? Config?
  3. Hi, I am a RN/MPH(biostats) with 4 years clinical, 2 years homecare and 2 years analytic/QA/informatics experience. I currently work in the analytics/reporting department of a small community hospital in NYC. As such, I wear man different hats including managing quality metric /Hedis/DSRIP reporting, ad-hoc SQL report writing, project management for a HIE, tableau dashboard design. Most of my time I am interfacing with MDs/administration to hash out specs/reports. I'm trained in allscripts config, which helped me learn the allscripts databases, but i do not have much practical experience in config. I am thinking of a move and was wondering what other nurses have gone on to do who have similar professional experience. I'd like to get involved with internet of things and maybe work for a companies whose product I really believe in. Love my job over my former clinical life, but begin to feel constrained in a hospital job. Was wondering what people have gone into? Has anyone gone into the private world or worked for a startup? If you have similar experience what are you currently doing? Any assistance is appreciated!
  4. Hi, I made a medical error a few years ago, no harm was done to the patient, it was unintentional, and I accepted full responsibility. Anyway, two years later I receive a letter from Medicaid stating that I am on the Medicaid Disqualified Providers List. I appealed the decision, and my name was taken off the list and I am now qualified to take care of patients who are covered by Medicaid. Recently I was offered a job pending a successful background check. The background check came back and my name was on the Medicaid disqualified providers list. I contacted the Medicaid Inspector General's Office in NY. I was assured on 3 separate occasions that my name is NOT on the list and that I am fully qualified to take care of Medicaid patients. The people at OMIG's informed me that the company which was being used to perform the background check was using old information. I contacted this company that rescinded the employment offer, inquiring about the company they use to provide back ground checks. They have not responded to me, so I have no idea what the name of this company is that is distributing this erroneous information about me. Anyone else experience a similar issue? I came across the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which states that companies who deny employment based on background checks must furnish the applicant with the name of the company performing the background check- it's a federal law. However, I contacted the NY Attorney General's Office and was told that the state has no such law, and, as such, the company that rescinded the employment has no responsibility to furnish the name of the company which performed the background check. I am at a loss as to how to clear my name. Can anyone provide any advise? I am leaving nursing - finishing school in about a year from now - solely because of this one incident and the hell it brought with it. I have witness numerous medical errors while working, all of which were more serious than mine. I've witnessed medical errors where the patient ended up in respiratory distress (multiple times), + HIT due to setting the rate wrong on heparin drip, etc., yet nothing has happened to these RN. Thoroughly disgusted with the hypocrisy and double standards present in nursing. Please help. Thank you.
  5. I was wondering if anyone has attended this masters program- SUNY Downstate Brooklyn, and, if so, what their impression of it is?
  6. Hi: While working over the past year, I have seen the disposable finger "sticky" pulse oximeters applied to the forehead of patients who where not satting well in emergency situations various times. Now I commonly apply the oximeter to the head if the patient is not satting well - that is if the finger sat is poor. Recently a PA and MD- resident/intern -, said something to me. A patient had been kept an extra day in the hospital because low sats- nothing else, pt was asymptomatic. However, when the oximeter was applied to the head, the pt satted 97%-100%. On finger 88-90%. Pt didn't have copd. I told the PA and the PA told the resident/intern (i really don't know which b/c I work nights and never deal with this particular MD). The intern/resident said the head wasn't accurate. However, the pt was sent home the next day. Another occassion a PA looked questioned why I applied the pulse ox to the forehead of a pt. She is new to the profession, so I really didn't pay attention to her comment. The way she looked at me, however, I will never forget. It was what the hell are you doing kinda look. So my question, all things aside, does using a finger, "sticky" pulse ox on the forehead provide an accurate reading?
  7. Hi: I've been a RN on a cardiac-thoracic stepdown for almost 1.5 years now and I've known from day one that the floor is not for me. Recently I've motivated myself to pursue my other "nursing" interests. I'm interested in school nursing. I live 5 minutes outside nyc and have a car. I have been unsuccessfully trying to find more information regarding nurse vacancies at schools. There's not much posted on http://www.nysasn.org/. I have the following questions: 1. In ny/nyc, are the positions posted through the Board of Education or the Health Department? 2. What is the best way to look for one of these positions? 3. Is school certification necessary in ny/nyc? Thank you for your help, it is appreciated. I really need to be pointed in the right direction.
  8. Hi: I am an RN at Mount Sinai Medical Center in NYC with a little over a year experience as a RN. Lately, I've been inquiring around the hospital about directing my career towards informatics, but have been hitting dead ends. I was wondering if anyone on this forum has any experience in nursing/ health care informatics at Mount Sinai, and if so, if they could point me in the direction of getting in contact with someone. I realize the chance is small that anyone on this forum does actually works in informatics at Mount Sinai, but trying never hurts:) Thank you.
  9. Hi: I am a RN w/ little over one year experience interested in moving to Hawaii. Currently I work in a cardiac step-down at a large teaching hospital in NYC. Some of the hospitals here have hiring freezes due to economic conditions. As a consequent, these hospitals are only hiring internally. I was wondering if the same is occurring in Hawaii. Thanks
  10. koki

    civilian nurse newbee questions

    Thanks for responding. To clarify I am interested in working as a civilian at a military base/ military hospital abroad as a RN. I am not really interested in enlisting and becoming an active duty nurse. I am not interested in joining the military.. I have looked at usajobs and a few other websites and have scoured these forums trying to locate someone who was hired as a civilian nurse at a military hospital abroad as a civilian, but have not located any success stories. I have only found discussions of how difficult it is to be hired as a civilian abroad especially when you do not have a spouse in the military. Sorry for the confusion:/ I really didn't think anyone was going to reply. So thanks for your interest in my questions. I appreciate it.
  11. Hi: I am a RN with little more than a year experience working in a cardio/thoracic step down in an large teaching hospital in NYC. I have worked abroad in the past as a English teacher in japan and I have the bug to travel again. was wondering if you could answer a few of my questions: 1. as a civilian applying for a position as a RN with the federal government (army, etc) aboard, do I stand a good chance of being hired? I've read contrasting views as far as how easy it is for a civilian RN to be hired and sent abroad. 2. I have a fiancee RN who wishes to travel along. does the government take the relationship into consideration, or only marriages? I kinda feel stupid asking this question last question, but there you have it. I would really like to travel aboard again while I'm still young, but worry that the relationship compounds the likelihood of the both of us getting a civilian position at the same hospital/base/etc. Thanks for the help.
  12. hi: i am now registering for my prereqs to get my bsn or possibly a masters direct entry. this is my second degree. being in debt from my first degree i started to consider schools in canada, ie mcgill, u of bc, u of t, primarily because i would leave those programs w/ less debt. My question: How prepared would I be to become a licensed r n in the states ( more specifically new york, california and massachusetts) upon complete of the nursing programs at those schools. Is the course load really that different? Any comeents are appreciated. Thank you for all the help