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  1. greenandsilver

    PACU interview

    Hello, All nurses helped me get hired almost six years ago and I need some more advice. I am interviewing for a part-tine PACU position. I am Med-Surg for over five years now. What are they looking for most going into the interview? Thank you so much, fellow nurses.
  2. greenandsilver

    Quitting Nursing permanently

    BurntRN1, is this your first job? It sounds like maybe you need some perspective. Wait until you have six months to one year experience at this job then you can apply for other positions that will be more compatible to you. Getting that first experience can be tough but you can get through it. Buy a calendar and strike off the days and you will be surprised how fast they go by. If you are worried your work isn't completed when you get home, you need a different system. Are there any nurses who would be willing to share their worksheets with you. The major points of any nursing day are assessments, vital signs, treatments, medications, prns, checking for new orders periodically during the shift, reassessing pain, can anyone think of anything else? Work out a flowsheet will room for all of these to be crossed off as you do them and your day will be much easier. Just remember perfect shifts are rare. Are you able to move to a different part of the country where nursing is better paid? You always have options, remember that. You worked hard for your license and if you are in a job with low pay and no benefits, once you have the experience you can move up and out. If you are worried about not getting references from your job, if you are a new nurse you can still use instructors, preceptors, co-workers. Are there any volunteer opportunities that would be able to get you references? I would look into that as well. Good luck. I don't thing taking on home care after all your hard work will be satisfying. You could look into home health if you have a good driving record. They always need nurses it seems.
  3. greenandsilver

    Will nursing wreck my hands?

    I use Eucerin Original Healing Rich Lotion on my hands before I go to sleep. I keep it by my bed. It works well for me. I get it at the grocery store, not cheap but not very expensive either. I find that discount brands of lotion don't really heal my dry hands. If I put it on during the day I just end up washing it off before it can do its job. I wish I could buy this lotion for all of my diabetic patients with the horribly flaky skin on their feet and ankles.
  4. greenandsilver

    Tired of Professor Playing Favorites

    I recommend finding other students to form a study group or ask to join a study group (with the A students if possible). This should help tremendously. You can't be shy, just approach other students and sell yourself. Also a voice recorder at the teachers desk or at a desk near the teacher will allow you to listen to the lecture again if necessary. No one is going to hold your hand in nursing. You have to get a tough skin and learn to put yourself out there.
  5. greenandsilver

    Unemployed x13 Months - Help!

    No calls for an interview, I hope you are reading this. With your experience you should be getting many calls for interviews. You need a professional resume, even though they are expensive you will get results. Many people will disagree with me, but trust me the results are worth the financial investment. Contact Jeri@WorkwriteResumes.com, I do not work for her or get any compensation. I just know that she will be able to help you. You have to believe in yourself and apply for as many positions as you can once you get the right resume and cover letter.
  6. greenandsilver

    Why I'm leaving nursing

    I wear SAS Freetime shoes, my feet are never very sore.
  7. greenandsilver

    Mid-forties : Looking for a Specialty to Grow Old In

    OR Nurse, Discharge Planner, Care Coordinator, Diabetic Educator. All much easier on your body. The oldest working nurse in the country is an OR nurse.
  8. greenandsilver

    How many is too many questions

    I think it is all right to ask questions. Try and see if you can think of the answer yourself, from training or critical thinking first. Then if you still need to ask someone, ask in the most respectful, concise, and competent way possible. As you gain more experience and confidence in your nursing judgment you will ask fewer and fewer questions. Everyone started out like that.
  9. Wants to be an NP, I hope you are reading this thread. Everyone seems to have good advice. Maybe you could PM aanwyn and find out which program she is in. You may have to move to find the right program.
  10. If they won't take the preceptor recommendation, I would dig deeper to find the former employer and charge nurse. Think outside the box. Are you able to go see them at their place of employment, do former co-workers know how to reach them, LinkedIn, will support staff let you know when is the best time to reach them? Most people want to see you succeed and will give you the time if you are professional, grateful, and courteous.
  11. greenandsilver

    Fired during orientation/7 weeks in

    Pick yourself up, start over. You are a New Grad so you have your nursing school experience and instructor/preceptor recommendations to go by. Good luck. You made it through nursing school do you know you are resilient.
  12. greenandsilver

    Best way to get ED and hired at 55yrs

    Becoming an LPN/LVN usually takes about a year. I would research the pay in your area for that type of nursing as well as the cost of schooling. If you think you could handle loan payments as well as living expenses on LVN/LPN pay, I would say it would be worth it. However I would be wary of taking on a huge student loan if the job market is unstable and you plan on retiring in a short while. Bedside nursing is very demanding physically, in LTC as well as hospitals. Home Health may be less physically demanding as well as a good employment opportunity for LPN//LVNs. Some of the LPN/LVNs I have worked with are some of the best nurses I have ever met.
  13. greenandsilver

    I feel like a complete failure

    Nursing school is stressful, then all of that too. I have three suggestions: 1. Volunteer, even if it means driving a while. It counts as experience and the staff and fellow volunteers are wonderful sources for recommendations. 2. Contact your most trusted clinical instructor. They will be able to give you a recommendation as well as help guide you on how to contact potential employers. 3. Pay for a professional resume. A professional resume, even if it costs hundreds will get you interviews.
  14. greenandsilver

    Shoes Help

    I have SAS Freetimes. They were not cheap, about $140 but worth every penny. My feet are never sore at the end of my shift. They are leather so they wipe easily, trust me, that is important. Good advice about compression stockings. When my shoes wear out I am going to get another pair just like them.
  15. greenandsilver

    Trivial Question: What do you usually bring for lunch?

    I try to bring things I can set down and come back to since I often don't get an uninterrupted meal break. I cut apples into quarters and put two pieces in each baggie. That way I can eat some of it. I get large containers of yogurt and put it into a glass jar each day. Much less than the individual cups. Casseroles and soup because they can be eaten with a spoon. Sandwiches are iffy because I may not be able to get away to get in a good hand washing before I eat. Cheese sticks, celery and peanut butter, carrot sticks.
  16. greenandsilver

    Running, Walking, or Cross-Trainers?

    I have SAS shoes and I love them. They were expensive, about $140, but my feet are never sore at the end of my shift plus they have lasted me for several years. I have the Freetime style. I tried on Danskos but they fly off my feet. My SAS shoes are also leather so I can just wipe them off when stuff happens.