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hemo and peritoneal dialysis
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diabo has 19 years experience as a RN and specializes in hemo and peritoneal dialysis.

certified dialysis nurse, piano technician, part time professional clown

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  1. Wanting to explore dialysis nursing

    Well said.
  2. Bleed Time

    Great care is needed when removing the needles. Since the bevel is razor sharp, even slight side movements can cut the access and therefore greatly increase the bleeding time.
  3. Tablo

    Thank you. Great education
  4. Tablo

    I just looked on their web page. QB-400. QD 300 circuit volume 140 ml. I have no personal experience with the system, but it seems to be gaining in popularity.
  5. Tablo

    They are used in their large acute/inpatient unit. This is Alaska Regional Hospital, part of HCA, one of the nations largest healthcare providers. I don't know what their other hospitals in HCA are using, but I think it's a good trend.
  6. Tablo

    Is anyone familiar with the Tablo dialysis systems? My son is head of ER in a large hospital in Anchorage. He said the hospital uses this.
  7. One week I worked 72 hours in inpatient dialysis. Tough, but I got paid well. We must never forget that “Do no harm” also covers psychological harm. The patients should be made to feel that they are special and not just a routine number. Given thei...
  8. Clinical nurse manager without any training

    You sound like a caring and smart nurse. I say go for it. You will continue to learn. You may get some flack from the other staff people, but with a great and non threatening smile you will do well.
  9. Starting new job this week - nervous!

    I must disagree that OR nurses are not empathetic or caring. There are nurses with that description in all fields. Sounds like dialysis will be a good fit for you. There is plenty of room for caring and empathy. Caring for this population can be ...
  10. BP on dialysis vascular access arm? What happens?

    Obviously an upper arm fistula or graft is out of the question, especially because of the location of the anastomosis. The blood flow should never be cut off for any reason. This includes holding pressure to stop the stop the bleeding, or improper ...
  11. Too gutsy??

    I applaud you. It takes a special person to work with the little ones. Keep’em smiling?
  12. Too gutsy??

    How young can these patients be?

    Practice practice. Your smile and confidence will assure your patient. Removal technique is most important and is not always emphasized enough in my opinion. It needs to be taken out as straight as possible with no pressure until it is out, or the ...
  14. Clotted catheters

    We had a young woman that used to push drugs through one of her ports, and frequently came in with it clotted. Wada rush. Unfortunately, she is no longer with us. ((
  15. The husband should wear a tested N-95 face mask from the time he gets out of the car til he gets back in. If he complains and wants to remove the mask, explain in as nice a way as possible, that they will have to find another facility.