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  1. Hey everyone! I have an interview coming up for an RN position at Bronx Lebanon and they are going to give me a Pharmacology Exam. Has anyone ever taken this exam? Can someone please let me know what kind of questions they will be asking? Is the exam difficult, multiple choice, short answer, med math?? Please let me know! :)
  2. Thank you for your post. I'll definitely keep that into consideration when applying to schools. Do you think work experience in a hospital would also look good when an applying?
  3. Hey everyone! I've started my journey making a list of Accelerated Nursing Programs to apply to for next year. However, my undergraduate GPA is only a 2.8. So far I have not found many schools which will accept those with low GPAs especially in the North East. I'm currently in New York. 1) I was wondering if I should apply to get my associates degree in nursing instead of applying to the accelerated nursing programs? Will I have a better chance to get into an associates program? 2) Also is the salary difference between an Associates in Nursing different from a BSN? Or From the research I've done, it looks relatively the same. Thanks for your help in advance!