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  1. studentnurse3

    Fort Morgan Community College-Long Drive

    Hi! Anyone else driving a long distance to go to Fort Morgan Community College? I am looking to start in their LPN-ADN program and will be driving 92 miles one direction! They are my only option at this point because I cannot get a private loan (I was accepted to DSN) so now I need to go a cheaper route but the distance is way long! Just curious to see if anyone has driven this far or more to attend school! Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone! I have a question I need help with. I am an LPN who wants to be an RN. I have already spent 30K on my prereqs and first year and a half of nursing school for an ADN. Unfortunately I had to withdraw from my community college due to a family emergency two years ago and then I was readmitted for the next semester and failed Med/Surg II so I am unable to reapply to this community college. I am looking at transferring to a BSN program at a college close to me and it will cost approximately 58K so in total for me to become an RNBSN, I will have 80K in student loans. My question I need help with is whether or not this will pay off for me in the long run. I am 41 years old and I figure I have 20+ years of working before I can think of retiring. Is there any RNs out there that can offer any advice on whether I should pursue this and rack up this huge student loan or if I should call it quits because the price is just too high. I would appreciate anyone's opinion on this.
  3. studentnurse3

    NCLEX To Increase Passing Standard

    A high GPA doesn't automatically make you a great nurse. You could have the highest GPA and be a lousy nurse. You need those people skills to become a great nurse.
  4. studentnurse3

    My dream is turning out to be a nightmare!

    Vanderth, I agree... I don't know where the defensiveness is coming from either. I, like you, am just trying to get the word out that if any current or future DSON or even Platt College students want to work at Children's or University then they better realize that they won't get hired because of the lack of accreditation. Like you said, research the schools very carefully otherwise you might end up without a job that you thought you would have!
  5. studentnurse3

    My dream is turning out to be a nightmare!

    This accredidation can take years is the point. Right now it does not matter that they are in the "process" of getting this. The fact is that University and Childrens WILL NOT hire these grads at this time. They need to have ALL the accredidations in place. The nursing manager on my floor sent out an email telling nursing students that if they are attending DSON or Platt College that if they want to work at Children's then they might want to reconsider where they are getting their education if they want to work here.
  6. studentnurse3

    My dream is turning out to be a nightmare!

    I work at Children's and it is now their policy that they WILL NOT hire anyone from DSON or Platte College as they are not fully accredited. I personally know of two DSON graduates who did get hired but they were lucky because they got hired just before their policy was changed. Rethink DSON.
  7. studentnurse3

    Patho: Online or in classroom??

    I'm debating on whether to take patho online or in the classroom this fall. I've heard that it is totally doable online especially over 16 weeks. I'm looking for any input from current or past patho students with any insight that might be helpful in helping me make my decision!! Thanks.
  8. studentnurse3

    Microbiology study group spring 2009

    Count me in too. I start January 20. We are using Microbiology by Cowan, 2nd Edition.
  9. studentnurse3

    HELP! LVN from TX looking to move to CO

    Why do you want to move to Colorado? Why not stay in Texas?
  10. studentnurse3

    ACC schedule

    Can anyone fill me in on what the schedule is like at ACC once your start the nursing program. Do you have classes five days a week or does it vary? I need this information to make an employment decision regarding which shift to work. Thank you so much!!:
  11. For any of you out there who work the 3-11 shift whether as a nurse or as a CNA or unit secretary, do you feel that you don't get to see your kids as often because of this shift? Does this shift affect your relationships with your kids and husband/wife? I'm looking for some advice on how to deal with this shift as I am feeling like I never get to see the family except on the weekends. Am I overreacting or is this really the case? I feel like I am at work more than I am with the family To make things worse, I'm constantly being reminded how sucky this shift is if you have a family!! Thanks for any advice out there!!
  12. studentnurse3

    New Graduate Hiring?

    Just be wary that some hospitals, like Children's Hospital, will only hire BSNs so if you only have an ADN then you will have to look elsewhere. I found that out the other day. Kind of discouraging for those who only have ADN.
  13. studentnurse3

    Anyone starting at DSON in April 2008 for the ADN courses?

    Trixy819: That is very interesting if it is true!! I currently am working on my last prereq. and if DSON now allows you to attend while you are completing the prereqs then maybe I could start there earlier than I thought. When you find more information out Monday, will you pass it on? That would be great!! Thanks
  14. studentnurse3

    Proficient in math to be a nurse?

    Hi RNs! I have a question for you that has been bugging me since I've been taking my elementary algebra class. In order to be a nurse do you need to be very good in the math area? General math I am fine with but any math that involves algebra I am just not that great with since I don't use it on a daily basis. As a result of that I am having to take elementary algebra in order to be up to standards of where my CC wants nursing students to be at. I realize that most likely if I had to do algebra on a daily basis I would probably be more comfortable with it and better at it. What type of math do you as nurses deal with on a day to day basis? Any input on what I can expect as I make this journey into nursing school regarding math would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time and your input. :spin:
  15. studentnurse3

    Denver School of Nursing --

    I heard the same thing about University of Colorado Hospital--does anyone know if they too only hire BSNs or will they hire ADN? Thanks!!