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  1. TSL7286

    home health agencies in South Florida

    check craigslist, indeed, and monster. Maybe after the first of the year you will have more luck
  2. TSL7286

    Social Skills in Nursing: The Art of Validation

    Ive battled with this. I have great social skills, most of the time. But theres a line. Private life, happy life. There can become a point in a job where people get too personal. I really don't like that "we are a family" BS at work. They aren't my family, they are my co-workers. And sometimes the questions they ask me can be a little out of line. I don't want to discuss mine or your sex life at work, and no I really don't care what you do after work or on the weekends, and please don't ask me everyday what I'm doing. Also, please stop trying to show me pictures on your facebook or phone of your kids, I ain't got time for that in the middle of my shift. I always acknowledge my peers, I welcome everyone who I come across in the work place with a smile and hello, I ask how they are doing. But other than that, lets discuss work and be efficient. I don't want to sit there and get behind in my work talking about things I'd rather talk to my husband, friends, or family about. However, it has challenged some of my work-place relationships because my co-workers can become very close to each other, like best friends, and I can be considered to be more of the "quiet, standoffish" type. I feel like it really shouldn't be that way. It makes it so uncomfortable at work when your co-workers are best friends and you're there trying to get your job done so you can go home on time to your loved ones.
  3. TSL7286

    Knowledge as an LPN

    Been there with ya. Best thing you can try is to make friends with the PA, so he can better understand you and help you learn. Ask plenty of questions, smile a lot, always offer a helping hand. I bet you're doing a great job. Dont let them tarnish your confidence!
  4. TSL7286

    Is Nursing Killing You or Making You Stronger?

    Thanks Cynthia! I was happy when I saw you wrote this to me! Things are looking up - I have an interview tomorrow. It's a Christmas Miracle I tell you! Since my current job had me questioning my nursing career, it's definitely time for a change. I won't be giving up. Thanks again for the pat on the back
  5. TSL7286

    Is Nursing Killing You or Making You Stronger?

    Dang, these posts made me kind of sad. I am almost 25 years old. Most people say I act older than my age. I feel older than I am after being a nurse since I was 19. Straight out of high school went into nursing, took a 1 year LPN course and became licensed. Everything you guys are saying you felt at 55 I am feeling at 25. What the heck. I love my patients, but the administrative side is hard to deal with.