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  1. mrsclayton

    American River College ADN Spring 2015

    There is also Sierra College which is an ADN program near sac, but you can do your BSN at the same time by going to Sac State during the Summer, and one semester after you graduate from the ADN.
  2. mrsclayton

    struggle with micro

    What I have seen is that people tend to do really well in either Chem or Bio, but not both. Its tough but you seem to have the right attitude. If I was you, I would make sure you can make it out with a B minimum. Join a tutoring group, some are lead by past students who excel in that area. That way you would be getting a second way of looking at or explanation. If your a visual/verbal learner find some people that you like on youtube or Khan academy. That is how I got through chem (did great in bio, but hated chem). Good Luck!
  3. mrsclayton

    "Don't Work" Isn't An Answer

    Amen Sister! LOL I too would love to hang out and study on the weekends, and after school but I have 2 mouths to feed alone. I will say that working in a hospital is the BEST job you could have if you do work. The staff at our hospital gets along well, and I bring study guides/a&p charts/questions etc to work with me. Everyone who knows is willing to help in whatever they can from an explanation, or even quizzing me on things Im learning at school. There was one time I just couldn't understand a concept, and was dang near ready to give up; then one of our Dr's took some time out to explain it a different way and saved my grade on that test. I would just say if your working just try and do your best to incorporate any material you can into work. Flashcards, or giving an explanation to someone about what your learning helps you remember stuff for your class too. I know it's ideal to be unemployed, but when if you need to work, try and get a little study time in at the same time if you can. It saved me!
  4. mrsclayton

    3.4 gpa-doomed?

    I see that everyone is upset about the post regarding cheating at CC, which was a stupid thing to say, but doesn't help you with your situation. Here is what I have seen, if your GPA isn't stellar you need to be more open to a variety of school options. You may need to search for a school outside a desirable area. Look through schools requirement lists, a good number of schools post the statistics of the admitted classes so you can see the lowest gpa that was admitted, lowest test score etc. Also, there are some schools who also do a face to face interview, or references as points towards admission which may help make up for low gpa. Hope this helps!
  5. So I know that I'm going to need to apply to multiple schools in the fall when Im ready to transfer into the (BSN) nursing program. I am super flexible, and willing to move. Nowhere is completely out of the question, although I would like to stay here in California. I have heard of horror stories of some nursing schools. Where can I go to find reviews of former, or current students to get a feel for what the school is like? I know the NCLEX pass rates tell a story, but those can change too. I just can't find anywhere that talks about what a certain school is like. I want to apply everywhere EXCEPT the schools with a horrible record Thanks for helping!
  6. Okay, so I just got a B in chemistry. Normally I wouldn't stress, but it seems like I need a 4.0 and pixie dust to get into nursing school. (I live in California). I'm even willing to move to get into nursing school, but its seems that it's crazy competitive everywhere I look. I'm planning on applying to most of the CA schools, but is there a place I can look that isn't so impacted, and competitive? I just feel a little defeated, and I have worked so hard. I feel like there must be some places that aren't so overwhelmed? Thanks
  7. Im in pre-nursing as well. I haven't had to retake anything yet, BUT I did struggle with some of my classes. The very BEST thing I can advise you is to get into a study group. Our college has "Beacon" groups which is a study group run by a student who got an A in the class the prior semester. They have great knowledge of the material, and the instructor grading style etc. Also, try enrolling in a study skills class. I know it sounds kinda dumb/remedial. I took it for my chemistry class (only for the extra credit), and actually ended up learning a lot of different techniques that helped me out. They are tough classes, get all the help you can! Hope that helps?
  8. mrsclayton

    Frequency of Navy Nurse Deployments

    I just got accepted into a BSN program. I was thinking of joining the Navy (have always wanted to). But the deal is that I am a single mom of a daughter (4years old). I have family to keep her if I deploy, but what kind of deployment am I in for? Will I be gone for 6 months at a time every other year? My recruiter says "almost never", unless I do critical care. However, I know that he is paid to say such things. I don't mind moving often, as long as she can move with me. I just don't know if it would be worth it for me?? Also, my recruiter tells me I would almost guaranteed go to San Diego (would love it there). Is that true? Can they actually guarantee that before hand? Any insight would help