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  1. Jobs, Recovery and the ADA

    To the last poster, let me share what the lawyer said regarding that "That is ********". Just because you previously had a substance abuse issue does not mean you will relapse. If nurses go to treatment and are in a monitoring program the research sh...
  2. Jobs, Recovery and the ADA

    Okay, I'll let the attorney who wrote this who is also an APN your thoughts. I definitely regret posting! Carry on.....
  3. Jobs, Recovery and the ADA

    I just left the info because I have read many nurses are having difficulty finding employment. I did not know if this would assist. My state does not always place narc restriction and does not require workplace monitor at this time, but requires a c...
  4. Jobs, Recovery and the ADA

    The Rehabilitation Act of 1979 and The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 are Federal Regulations which prohibit discrimination in the workplace against individuals who are in recovery from alcohol or drugs. Discrimination is prohibited in all p...
  5. PNAP / drug testing

    Are you diabetic? For some reason I vaguely recall reading something about the sugar in urine can ferment and cause a false positive. Maybe speak to an expert in toxicology and see what he/she says and have them as an expert witness.
  6. PNAP / drug testing

    Here is a similar thread with suggestions also. Good luck that is really scary!
  7. Is PACU (recovery room?) good door to OR?

    OR and PACU in the facilities I have worked were under the same director so you would get an opportunity to show them you are a team player and hard worker in case an opening or internship came open in the OR
  8. Most Recovery Friendly State

    I was wondering peoples opinions on the most recovery friendly state for nurses?
  9. IDFPR Complaint

    How long does it take to receive notice if a complaint has been filed against your license?
  10. Illinois Complaint Filed

    If a complaint was filed against me for narcotic diversion how long does it take for the IDFPR to contact me?
  11. Narcotic Diversion in Illinois

    I believe if you leave the current prganization that is 'monitoring' you basically the organization is then required to report. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  12. Illinois Care Contract

    I am wondering if anybody on here was reported by the facility before you self reported and if you were still able to get a care contract? Thanks