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  1. MusicGuy

    Are some people just not cut out for ICU?

    I was thinking the same thing! And little jealous too. I wish I had had a more involved preceptor during my orientation. I'm surprised most managers don't see this as a crucial role.
  2. MusicGuy

    Transitioning to ICU

    https://allnurses.com/general-nursing-discussion/titrating-drips-and-43026.html A great mini lecture starting with the 5th post down and he also posts on the next 2 pages. Learn mechanics and then drip titration. Learn the receptors and where they are located, then the meds that block them.
  3. This was my path and I'm glad I did it. I started as a unit secretary and learned what labs and orders are used on different patients and why. Then I became a CNA and learned my rhythms and how to interpret a 12 lead. The only caveat here is that the job is extremely important. It's easy to get on the bad side of a nurse during busy times and when things go south. Keep focused on the patients first and RN's second!
  4. As disturbing as the video is to watch, it baffles me that a security guard just stood and watched. Security officers are also mandated with protecting rights of patients in addition to rights of fellow employees. Clearly two people's rights where endangered. Why is the RN the only one who stood up? And why did security do nothing but watch?
  5. MusicGuy

    When to call Rapid Response Team?

    RRT's prevent code blues! I'd rather have the RRT if my patient is not doing well.
  6. MusicGuy

    Why I'm leaving nursing

  7. MusicGuy

    Fired during orientation/7 weeks in

    I was the victim of a horrible preceptor as well. She didn't care, and half of the time I was pawned off to multiple other preceptors. I was happy when that happened because I learned more, but the others where disappointed and surprised at what I did not know. Since they were colleagues of my primary preceptor, I was the problem! I remember at week 5 thinking to myself, "How the heck am I going to do this?" As yourself I was let go and devastated. I got another job a month later. I was nervous meeting my preceptor, but she took one look at me and said, "you are going to be great"! That was 10 months ago. Don't let one situation get you down.
  8. MusicGuy

    Chose med surg like I'm supposed to, but really unhappy.

    Absolutely! Last night we had more psych patients on our floor than MS. Some stay a year or so as well!
  9. MusicGuy

    Any good ekg/tele apps or websites?

    Love skillstat! When it comes to books, Dubin is OK. But if you want more of the "nuts and bolts", go for the "only EKG book you'll ever need" by Thaler. It goes into much more detail!
  10. MusicGuy

    Night Shift Woes...When Do You Sleep On Your Days Off????

    As Craig from Keep it Real RN says, "night shift is a different type of hell". I personally like it. Some good points where made to survive it: Eat well and often - healthy snacks like carrot/celery sticks, bananas, apples. Stay away from the doughnuts left in the breakroom! Try to cluster your days so that you're working the end of one week and the start of another. The only gripe I have after doing it for years, is that unless it's a couple days off in row , you don't get one. The single day off is spent recovering.
  11. I did get a rejection call. Needless to say I wanted job and liked the hospital. But having a voice tell me such was very professional (IMHO) and made me want to apply again. It's a rare thing; most don't bother with the email!
  12. I was in a similar situation where I felt a different unit would be a better fit a couple months into orientation. My mistake was to "check it out" and not just keep it to myself. My advice is to get through orientation and learn your unit. Undoubtedly skills you acquire will serve you in future situations. It is not easy to recover from not getting through orientation.

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