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  1. Meerkats

    Another new school nurse

    Hello school nurses! I'm in pediatric home health with 2 years of experience and I have an interview for a school nurse position later this week. I just wanted to say hello, and thank you to all the nurses that give such great info on this forum. I've been reading up on interview questions and advice for new school nurses. I want to know, what do you love about your job? What's your least favorite? Would you go back to hospital or clinic nursing?
  2. Meerkats

    UTA Summer 2018 Capstoners?

    Congrats! I'm currently in Texas Govt and Health Policy. I'm not enjoying this part of it at all. I'll be doing Capstone in October or November.
  3. Meerkats

    UTA Online class calendar?

    Do any past or current students know if the accelerated online program runs similarly to the campus calendar? Are there summer classes, or does it run spring, then fall? Thanks in advance
  4. Meerkats

    What is harder- nursing school or first year working?

    I'm a few months into my first year of working as an RN. What is harder is the PTSD from nursing school. (lol) No, really. Nursing school pressure was more difficult for me. And I've had some tough patients.
  5. Meerkats

    2017 CURRENT RN to BSN Online Students

    Tech Writing and Transitions done! On to Health Assessment for November!
  6. I'm finishing my first 5 week session, and planning ahead. I'd like to hear from those who have completed this program. How long did it take you? How many classes did you take at a time?
  7. Hello Texas nurses. I graduated with ADN from a college in Houston, and we relocated to DFW right after graduation. Not realizing HOW SATURATED the DFW market is with new grads, and how few hospitals will hire ADN (most require BSN). So I'm working on my BSN and doing private duty in the meantime. My question is, once I finish my BSN I might have more than a year experience as an RN, depending on how long it takes me to finish. Will I still qualify as a "new grad" for these residency programs that require BSN *and* less than one year of experience?
  8. Meerkats

    Next steps in nursing career after BSN

    Thanks! I'd be ok with making all those decisions if I had more confidence in my abilities. Honestly, after reading these answers, I think I am going to go the hospital route for a couple of years first. I want to have a solid skill set before going into a position where I am the last stop (so to speak). I appreciate all the feedback!
  9. Meerkats

    Next steps in nursing career after BSN

    This is a great idea. I will see if I can get a prn hospital gig after my BSN. I believe I can be a substitute school nurse even with my ADN. I'll try to get in to do both. And yes, I do have some soul searching to do. I went into nursing school thinking I'd absolutely love L&D, and I did love the clinicals for the most part. But I got into pedi after graduating, and I want to stay around kids if possible.
  10. Meerkats

    Next steps in nursing career after BSN

    Than you for responding. Another plus for me would be weekends and holidays off. I have a high school kid and a middle school kid. So getting that time off with them while they still want mom around would be cool.
  11. Hello school nurses! I am currently an RN working in pedi home health. I'm working on my BSN, and thinking about possibly going into school nursing after that. I have not worked in the hospital before, and was wondering if that would be a hindrance down the line in my career. For example, how difficult would it be to get into a hospital if I wanted to change paths? I've also thought about doing prn shifts at a hospital over the summer to get some hospital experience in. I'm also considering getting into public health later on down the line. I know school nursing is somewhat considered public health. I know there are lots of posts on this forum about pros and cons of school nursing. And I've talked with the school nurse here at my patient's school to get some input. I'm just looking for as much input as possible before I finish my BSN.
  12. Meerkats

    Nurses who are on anxiety/depression meds?

    You're definitely not alone. I have depression and anxiety as well. It got worse during nursing school. And since graduating I've started seeing a therapist. Learning coping skills is definitely helping. Some good advice here, don't let the stigma keep you from being your best.
  13. Meerkats

    Why pediatrics?

    I have only been a peds nurse for a couple of months (Home Health), but I echo the sentiments above. I didn't think I'd like it as much as I do. The patients do bring out the kid in me, even with the non-verbal medically fragile kids I'm likely to act silly to get them to smile. Families have been mostly ok so far. But I've only worked with a handful of families. I'm planning on staying in peds for sure.
  14. Meerkats

    2017 CURRENT RN to BSN Online Students

    I'm fully accepted now. And I'm registered for Technical Writing and the co-requisite Professional Nursing. I didn't purchase textbooks, I just rented them. They just didn't seem like the kind of textbooks I'd need later. I could be wrong though. Are there any classes you all would recommend definitely purchasing the textbooks for?
  15. Meerkats

    Moving to peds! Resources please?

    Which books are recommended?