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AceMami has 1 years experience.

I currently attend nursing school while working as a STNA/CNA and a full time mommy.

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  1. AceMami

    Test made entirely of SATA!?

    I am currently in my second to last quarter. Recently, my class was given a test (last test before midterms) that was made up entirely of SATA questions (15 questions). I would like input from the allnurses community. Has anyone else experienced this?
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm a new STNA and also a nursing student (starting in January 2015). I recently moved to the Cleveland area, so things are new to me as far as finding a good reputable company to work for, finding a company that will hire with little experience and networking in the healthcare field around the Cleveland, OH area. After MONTHS of lurking on this site iv'e finally joined and I'd like to connect with other STNA or nursing students in my area!