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Nessybean's Latest Activity

  1. Nessybean

    Texas Tech FNP Fall 2017

    I got my rejection this morning
  2. Nessybean

    Macy catheters - Anyone using them?

    The Macy Catheter was just introduced to our office a month ago, I have one in my truck but have not used one yet.
  3. Nessybean

    Weekend hospice nursing job

    I work every other week/weekend. I come on at 5pm Friday and get off at 8am Monday. Weekends can get very busy as there are always 2-5 scheduled visits, plus the extra things that come up as people call on the weekends. There are three nurses on each weekend which helps, but it stays pretty busy. Where I am I can get called out at any time through the night too, so if I'm called out Sat night, I may get a few hours sleep before getting up Sunday and starting my scheduled visits. I love hospice though.
  4. Nessybean

    Texas Tech FNP Fall 2017

    I applied for this Fall as well. I'm afraid I don't have enough extra-curricular activities like volunteer time and membership organizations. Good luck!
  5. Nessybean

    Best specialty for travel?

    So is MedSurg travel not as bad as I'm imagining? We don't have tele on my unit.
  6. Nessybean

    Best specialty for travel?

    I am almost at 2 years of med/surg experience, but would like to start traveling in another year or so. Med/surg travel scares me because I imagine getting stuck with 7 patients, or put in uncomfortable, low-staffed positions. I would like to go to the OR soon and then travel after a year or so there. I would also enjoy the ICU, but would again get nervous about nurse: patient ratios. What is the best specialty to travel with? I definitely don't want LD or PEDs.