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  1. I understand I may not be in the best section to post this, I am looking for information for those who have already attended college. Thanks so much! :) Hello, so I am a mother of two currently in a 2 year long divorce. Long story short I was in an a...
  2. St.Louis Community Coll RN program

    Hello, so I am a mother of two currently in a 2 year long divorce. Long story short I was in an accelerated BSN program for 1 year while married and I found out my husband was drinking and doing a lot of not so 'ok' things behind my back. I filed for...
  3. Organization for test studying PATHO

    Thank you! That does help a lot! The way you explained it wasn't really much different than I've considered doing it but for some reason you saying it makes it more clear to me. hahah thanks again!
  4. Organization for test studying PATHO

    Unfortunately no study guides at all.. we get powerpoint slides during class and they just talk through each one. We get no hints so typically it's a free for all trying to figure out what they want from us.. it's horrible. I do use white out but typ...
  5. dealing with possible medical problem

    My mother had Leukemia.. but what specifically are you asking about it? No one can diagnose or treat it on here and no one can give you advice but your doctors.. were you wanting to ask a question such as "should I stay in nursing school because I ma...
  6. Embarrassed and depressed

    Actually, you don't sound like a loser.. It sounds like a real stand up thing to do in order to go to college and get your degree. I am 30 myself and in nursing school - with 2 kids and I tell you what.. I'd love to have family I could live with to g...
  7. Organization for test studying PATHO

  8. Organization for test studying PATHO

    Can someone please share you tips with me!?! So I failed Patho by having a massive meltdown the night before the final.. Had a great cushion and everything going into final but my husband is bipolar and he chose the night before finals to go complete...
  9. Accepted

    I began Chamberlain this Jan 2015. So far so good! I am currently in one nursing school which is NR101 and it's a lot of fun! It's about how to be a professional nurse, how to do APA papers and just basics of nursing and what to expect. I am in week ...
  10. How do you feel about professors locking the door?

    I love that! I wish my teachers would do the same!! We have one or two girls who make it a point to be at least 15 minutes late. They come in.. start making a bunch of rattling in the bags and then start asking people - mid lecture for what they miss...
  11. I've been accepted!!!!!!!!

    Congrats!! I started a BSN program in Jan of this year and I LOVE IT!! I have been doing really well so far I'm only into an into nursing course so it's been a lot of fun - I have 100% right now in the class :) You will love it. I remember how excit...
  12. I start chamberlain Jan 5, 2015

    I started jan 5th as well! I love it!!
  13. School Forms

    You can print it from your online page but I got mine in the mail a few weeks ago
  14. RN license on probation looking for online BSN

    Go to Chamberlain's website they have a chat option that you can find out if they will take you in their program or not.
  15. Info on Chamberlain

    I had 46 credit hours transfer - everything I took that they require they accepted. They didn't deny any credits of mine :) they took my Ethics, Math, Soc's, Psych's, both English's, nutrition, med term and some others. As far as cost it goes by cred...