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  1. ok guys . i need your help. i am currently on orientation because i move from floor to icu. i was working in the night shift. and applied for night shift icu also. the nm accepted it and now im on orientation. now the floor days is understaff and they are eyeing me to move in floor days.it is not just fair. i feel a lot of pressure and i heard one supervisor said that one mistake in icu they will move me to floor days. that is just something.
  2. labnars

    can you be floated while your on orientation?

    thank you everyone for your replies. yes i have spoke to the NM regrding this. she said i will only be release when im ready.. but still even if they extend my orientation, how can i properly learn if my orientation is not continous and consistent because of this floating drama....i am always the one they are eyeing on because all units are understaff. i even heard they could not float other nicu nurse to other floor because nicu is sterile....is this true? and also the other orientee has no experience in peds floor thats why her orientation os proper ..she always have a preceptor.
  3. labnars

    can you be floated while your on orientation?

    thanks for your reply roser13. yes it is unfair on my part. they did not only float me in peds floor while on orientation, they also assign me in the nicu where the stable babies are to feed and do vs. unlike the other orientee who has no experience in nicu shes always with sick babies shadowing a preceptor. our headnurs said i have been floated in nicu befre while im still working in the ped floor. i told the nurse manager its unfair.. because i feel like yhere is still so much to leatn in nicu in details woth a preceptor. she said as long as im learning... how can i lear without a proper preceptor.
  4. thank you for all of your replies. even in nicu, if there is no staff, even im still on orientation they put me in the back where the stable babies are, wrking like a staff already without preceptor. if im lucky and there is enuf staff, im in the front with the really sick babies shadowing my preceptor. i voiced this concern to the nm but she said i hve been floated in nicu befre so i should know. but when i float befre i only feed.. do vs and i and o.. not give ngt feedings etc.... its so hrd to be in this situation where my orienation is not consistent... where i am being pulled out in peds floor or at the back in nicu help feed babies if they have no staff.
  5. hi guys. i need your advice. i am currently on orientation in nicu now. i was previously working in th peds floor in the same hospital for 3 years. now im on my 3rd week orientation but nurse manager keeps pullinh me to float in ped floor . i feel used is this legal? how can i learn if in the middle of my orientation they keep floating me
  6. labnars

    trouble with NICU orientation :/

    hi. i know this thread is in the past already.im in orientation in nicu now. im reading core curriculum book in nicu. im not having a great time too. i love nicu. i am soo willing to learn. my preceptors are bright. but suprvisor keeps on floating me while im in the middle of orientation
  7. hi guys. i need your advice. i am working in peds floor for 3 years. i applied to transfer in nicu and finally i got accepted . i started my orientation but they keep pulling me to help in peds floor because they need staff, because there staff call in sick. i feel that it is not fair for me. its been 3 weeks now and i still dnt learn a lot because they keep floating me.

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