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  1. ArreisBSN

    Movement to Forgive Health Care Workers' Student Debt

    A system that pays for free whatever- will automatically incentivize the increase cost of whatever good or service it is. Our nation could have the money for public healthcare, and a million other great civil works, but not until we grab the cancer at ROOT. We must hold the people/ policies/principalities/ powers accountable who/ that are responsible for the problems! The userious banking cartel that strangles every piece of our society by the collection of interest on debt is the PROBLEM. all other attempts at solution play into the hands of those who stand to profit off of debt.
  2. ArreisBSN

    Movement to Forgive Health Care Workers' Student Debt

    Something to consider: once the government pays out for education, they will pay the salaries too. Anyone here ever worked in public health? I have! Pay sucks and the whole system is run much worse (to the detriment of the patients) than private home health. There will be strings attached. How about passing legislation that says federal money will NOT be given to schools who charge more than a reasonable amount for education? It’s the universities that need to be spanked. Not the American Tax Payer!! How about make student loans illegal? What would that do the the cost of education? The problem is a practice called USERY. It’s literally slavery.
  3. I attend births at a birth center in IN presently. We are SLAMMED. My brother in law is an ER doc in KY. Their census is so low that he is only scheduled for 3 shifts in 21 days.
  4. ArreisBSN

    PPE on LND

    Hey y’all, just wondering what your facilities are actually doing for PPE during birth for non-Covid patients? Are they still allowing water labor/ birth? Nitrous?
  5. Christ before you Christ behind you Christ in air of your lungs and Christ in the air of your patients lungs. Saint Luke, Pray for us! most Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us! turn your face to the lord and he will look back at you. Reach out to those around you, and talk to someone about what you’re going through. A Chaplin, or even your company’s employee assistance program. God grant you peace.
  6. ArreisBSN

    Coronavirus and Pay

    Talk to your nurse manager or director, and advocate for your patients’ safety! Y’all to her just like you’re talking to a doc, and use your sbar. ”I feel unsafe” “I am very concerned” can you go in overtime and complete ACLS? what support can they provide you with to help you right now? What are they gonna do? Fire you??? Stand up for your patients’ safety.
  7. Hey folks, I've been out of the clinical setting for almost 3 years. I got hired on at a free standing birth center. I wanna be super prepared for my first day. Are there any good CEU courses anyone would recommend on things which I could be rusty? I just wanna shine. Of course I’ve RE-certed CPR and NRP. I was a L&D nurse and worked in home birth for a nurse midwife before leaving to do health coaching from home (which I still do). Appreciate any sage resources or advice oh may have. Deo Gratias.
  8. ArreisBSN

    An RN and a doula, should I be a Montrice ?

    I have never offered my services marketed as a monitrice. To offer those services, it would be best to practice under a CNM or OB. Doula in the hospital, never at home. I have worked in a 5000+ Birth per year setting as well as the clinic/ boutique home birth setting as a nurse. I have gained a lot of knowledge and wisdom. Also attended a quite a few doula births. No matter what you say, you can never legally remove the fact you are a nurse. So laboring starts home with a woman is a chance for malpractice because her baby really should have heart tones ESPECIALLY is she is a VBAC. if you can find an advanced healthcare provider that would give you standing orders to follow, a protocol, and access to herself ... I would HIGHLY recommend this over the doula role. Any day. I hope this is helpful! God bless you in your endeavor.
  9. I was offered a L&D job at a huge facility in town. I was also told from another smaller facility that they would tell me in a week or two when a position opens up. The smaller facility has an interim manager, and told me that there were 4 nurses orienting to L&D and that 2 had just put in their notices. This facility has a lot of CNMs and had a lower (although still high at. Almost 40%section rate). It is where the natural birth folk recommend people go. Having my history in homebirth, one can see why I am interested there... But there are huge red flags such as high turn over and new management. The huge facility manager told me that she just interviewed 2 RN's from another facility in town that said they just wanted to be able to practice evidence based nursing care.... But this huge facility is nearing a 50% section rate. The nurse manager is very verbally pro evidence based care and said that she was instrumental in kangaroo care policy. Seasoned vets: where would you work? What is your gut telling you???
  10. ArreisBSN

    Initiating Evidence Based Practices

    You sound fabulous! I am a doula trained through to labor. Has my BSN. Couldn't land a job in L&D until about a year after grad and it was as homebirth RN assisting a CNM. That has been super awesome but too unpredictable and now need steady income. Just got hired yesterday on a unit that does 4000 deliveries yesterday. Nurse manager said that she thought it was crazy hard to implement evidence based policies because people are creatures of habit and ultimately the providers have to change themselves. There is something at my new institution called a clinical ladder. You can get raises for designing evidence based policies. Ultimately, folks such as ourselves have to get into facilities and do our best to make it into places of leadership and management, in order for things to change hospital protocol wise. The patients are the biggest deciding factor though in my opinion. They need to pick providers who are truly game to honor their wishes. They need to print out stuff from evidence based birth . Com and share with their provider and their friends. The good fight is going to be a long one, and it is so worth it! Good luck, kindred spirit!
  11. ArreisBSN

    on call schedules/rotations

    Dear Momo. I work for an agency which has the RN's work 1 night on call per week *they will usually put a SOC or ROC etc on them that night*. Then they have a weekend "on -call". That Fri 4:30pm thru Mon morning7:59am. They will put a SOC/ ROC Fri night, 2 SOC\ROC's Sat, as well as 2 or 3 routines, and of course any PRN visits that are actually on-call. Then Sun another 2 SOC/ROC's and possible routines. This, broken down from the RN's side of things is: work 12 days in a row every 4th week. Considering that we case manage and do routines, take 'call', etc., the bottom line is that it is too much. 5 nurses quit in a 3 month time period. We have become a revolving door.

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