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  1. Change of shift admissions

    I am an ICU nurse who used to work on the floor and none of what you said is true. Floor nurses get stat orders, their patients may still need imaging or additional IVs, and their diagnosis may be pending if they are waiting for bloodwork, imaging, e...
  2. How much is a normal raise

    Ours are 2 percent to 6 percent annually based on an evaluation.
  3. Do crnas deserve that much salary?

    No salary is "deserved", it all comes down to economics. I dont think professional athletes "deserve" millions of dollars every year, but it is all about economics.
  4. Nurse vs Para

    You can hear breath sounds and the heart by putting your ear against someones chest, a stethoscope just helps you maintain a comfortable distance when you are doing that, so I dont see why you are putting this lady down , if she says she heard wheezi...
  5. Do Bachelor's Degrees Save Lives? - The Facts about Earning a BSN

    I think experience is the best teacher, not earning a BSN. I am currently doing a BSN online program and much of the content is repetitive and is what I already learned in my ASN program. I feel that I learn so much more while I am at work every day...
  6. Is this low?

    I accrue 5.3 PTO hours biweekly and I feel that as long as you are not taking PTO a lot, you will get enough hours to take a week off here and there.
  7. How in this world do you ever get 1 year experience?

    Try to apply to Shands Hospital, Gainesville, FL. It is a large teaching hospital that always hires new grads. At least you can get your 1 year of experience.
  8. Still unemployed; Why am I not getting calls for interviews?

    Check your inbox I am going to PM you.
  9. Favoritism in assignments

    Only because it was all under the search results of this topic...
  10. Favoritism in assignments

    You had a much different tone in one of your posts from 2006 when you were getting crap assignments....
  11. The rad techs always pull pillows out from behind patients and never replace them, so the other day I made 2 techs help me reposition the patient before they left the room because we had just turned him 2 minutes before they showed up and I would hav...
  12. Pt asks: Is my surgeon any good? Your response is...

    I fortunately work with world-renowned surgeons and I am able to reassure my patients they are at the best hospital for the treatment of their condition
  13. PLEASE HELP! fired/demoted RN still on orientation

    A lot of the things you mentioned sound like newbie "mistakes" I guess you could say... It takes time to learn how to properly delegate and I dont think it should be something mastered when you are not even off of orientation. If the pt was not harme...
  14. She has every right to be accommodated, however, where is the line between real failure due to her insufficiency and the lack of accommodation? She failed the class twice, she did not sue the first time, but seeing that even with accommodations she s...
  15. Professionalism....name your irritation here!

    I have heard docs throwing their peers under the bus during rounds a few times...