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  1. blue_aphalt

    Not specialized MSN can you do APN?

    Hi all. Perhaps some of you can answer this for me: Thank you in advanced I want to pursue advanced practice care -NP, CNM, etc ....not sure what, I just know I want to do advanced patient care. I have a BS in Cell Biology and am currently 1 semester into an ASN. However, my husband has just found out he has an out-of-state job transfer happening. We are trying to decide if the kids and I stay here for to finish my ASN or if I can get to a program where we are moving (obviously this would be the ideal). I found a direct entry (with a previous BS) MSN program in the new area. This could be nice as I want an advanced degree. However, this MSN is not specialized. I understand many APN's hold MSN's but my understanding is they tend to get MSN's geared towards a specialty. How does one go from a non-specialized MSN to NP, CNM, or another APN'ing area? Can it be done without getting another more specialized MSN or a doctorates? It would be nice (and save a ton of time) to go straight to an MSN, BUT I also don't want to pay the $ of a masters degree if I cant get where I want to go with it. Any info you can give on how the different advanced nursing-programs work when it comes to general vs specific areas of practice would be appreciated. Thank you!
  2. blue_aphalt

    Western Governors University

    Thank you all for the thoughts. I'll check out more on the WGU section here. I didn't realize at the time I posted that there was one. Thank you all for taking a moment to respond!
  3. blue_aphalt

    Western Governors University

    Hi all, Someone here mentioned on a post I made a few months ago WGU. I had not looked into them at all at that time, but I did upon there mention. WGU sound like a great school for someone who is going back to school for a 2nd degree and has a family as I do, as they don't have traditional classes you have to attend a given hrs like a traditional school does. My question, however, lies in the fact that they do not give a GPA. They base their classes on a pass/fail competency rating. To pass they say that you have done at least B (3.0) work or above . I know that I will likely go on and get an advanced degree in nursing later on. I am trying to figure out if this will severely hinder my ability to be accepted into an advanced nursing program later in time. Has anyone here gotten a degree with WGU and then gone on or know anyone who has? Has anyone had issues with this? I'll probably either go for a NP or a CRNA program --Westminster has the only CRNA program, I believe, in the UT area...any thoughts on how the lack of a GPA with WGU will factor into an application there? I have an email out to Westminster to see what they have to say, but any thoughts or ideas from anyone who has a degree with WGU and has actually applied (to Westminster or elsewhere) for an advanced degree would be really helpful. WGU sounds like it would be a good fit for me, but I don't want to go to a school, get a degree, and then not be able to continued on with more education just because they don't grade with the typical 4.0 grading scale. Thanks for any thoughts or help you can give. (Note: this post is also posted in other forums)
  4. blue_aphalt

    Looking at SLC schools -UVU and Roseman in particular- Thoughts?!

    Thank you both for responding. I really appreciate the input and thoughts. I think I will probably apply to both schools and see what happens. ICUman, I appreciate your in put on everything you've heard about both schools. You're right Roseman is quite costly (about 50K). I'm not sure if it's worth it or not...I'm also not sure I can convince my husband it's worth it. lol. I will have to see. I will be applying this spring so I will have to consider IF they have the accelerated here yet or not. When I talked to them a couple months ago they said it was in the works but they didn't have a set date to get it here yet. My one reserve there is that all classes must be passed with 90%. That's do-able I think, but I'm not sure with the kids and such...they said if you fail a block they have you re-take BUT you have to go down to the Vegas campus to do so (they off set their schedule with them so students can do that); I'm not sure if that would be an option for me with my kids and my husbands job...so that aspect kind of worries me. I believe I can get straight A's, but it's nerve wracking to consider that if you have an off week or two that you will fail that class and the option for re-take is not easily done in the area. I will have to take a look at Western Gov. I have not checked into anything with them, but if I could do the RN-BSN in 3-6 months that wouldn't be bad. Yupper, I appreciate the info about UVU. There is nothing like hearing from ppl who have directly gone through a program. I'm glad to hear it was do-able with a family and job. The cost for them is certainly a huge bonus...it would be great to just be able to pay for school and not have loans or anything when done. I agree with you, I think once you have loans out and pmts set up it's hard to throw all the "extra" money you are making at loans to pay them off fast and easy. Anyways, thank you both for the thoughts and experience. You've both given me a bit more to think on and consider. Have a wonderful day!
  5. I'm looking at applying to nursing schools in the SLC area. I'm currently looking at UVU and Roseman as my top choices. I have a previous BS and Roseman is appealing because I could do it in 18 months. They are also looking at bringing their accelerated program to UT in the next few months from what they told me and I'd be interested in that. I would love to just "do it and be done" but at the same time I have a 3, 6, and 7 yr old (would be 4, 7, and 8 by time I started), and I don't have the ability to spend 12 hr a day studying every single day of the wk. Their block-classes method seems really ideal though. Has anyone done either their 18m or their accelerated (in Vegas currently)? Input? UVU seems like a good program, and with my grades as long as I do well on the TEAS I don't *think* I'd have too much trouble getting into it. I don't relish the idea of spending 3 school yrs finishing up a second BS though, but it seems like it might be more ideal with a family. Does anyone know if you can possibly compress the 3 yr BSN a bit? My current BS is in Cell Biology and looking through their program class schedule I have pretty much all of the non-nursing classes that are built in, so I'd have a few credits open some semesters. Anyways, just looking for some thoughts or input on these school -or others in the area if anyone wants to add. THANKS!