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  1. KayCna2Rn

    Death of a Dream

    Check into it by all means. :-)
  2. KayCna2Rn

    Death of a Dream

    If this is truly your dream, it is possible. And in many ways it is doable. As someone else has said look into bridge programs. If you can't physically goto school, find a great online school. ( ex. Excelsior college) Check it out Good luck to you!!
  3. KayCna2Rn

    Getting Re-hired on Previous Floor?

    Believe me its not about your professionalism. If you loved your job, it showed with your patients. What you did do is put a target on your back. Which unfortunately it can't be avoided with some nurses. I wish you the absolute best. Just know you will be back in your field of choice in due time. Pray god will guide you to make the choice to get you back there! Good luck Liz
  4. KayCna2Rn

    Starting Nursing classes at HGTC

    Thank you mzrainydayz
  5. Hey, So anyone else starting school at hgtc in Aug? Also, does anyone know of any single parent/ nursing grants? I don't want to full do student loans. I am starting from scratch which isn't bad. Will this make becoming a nurse 3 years? I plan to goto WGU for my BSN, while working full-time as a PCT. It's going to be hard but it will work I believe. Well any help you all can give. :)
  6. KayCna2Rn

    Help!!! I want to become an RN

    I understand that it is time consuming. I Dont care if it takes a couple years or so. What I do want to do is be cost effective. I have taken the time to research and have decided on being a nurse. I just needed advise from someone who has been in my shoes to want something for themselves but be a parent as well. None the less thank you so much for your input.
  7. KayCna2Rn

    Help!!! I want to become an RN

    I want to move up and become an RN. Here's the sticky stuff. I have nine if my prerequisite courses done and I'm wondering if being a CNA counts? Time doesn't permit for me to go to traditional classes as I am a single parent? What do I do? I want to be cost effective as well. Help me out here. Is Ivy tech ok to start or just go head first at WGU pre RN-BSN? Fellow Carolina girl here