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  1. Homecare nursing job at risk?

    I'm a homecare nurse in Michigan. No one wants a homecare nurse right now. I wonder if nurses in areas that have been hit harder than Michigan so far have any insight. Are other homecare nurses finding they are not working as much or as this virus pr...
  2. Pt has severe pain when legs elevated

    I should have left more information, I apologize. She has not been dx with CHF, denies SOB when she lays down either, HTN very well controlled, just leg pain and edema. She is seeing her PCP today as a matter of fact, I had called and left him a mess...
  3. Pt has severe pain when legs elevated

    Im a fairly new nurse, working in homecare. I have an elderly patient with dx of DMII, HTN, debility and recent toe amputation. Her DM and HTN are well controlled/wnl. She sits and sleeps in her chair, she has 3+ to 4+ pitting edema BLE and rarely g...