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Guest862922 has 34 years experience as a LPN, RN and specializes in ER.

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  1. Guest862922

    Am I expected to position and ambulate patients by myself?

    Based on my past and present experience the hospitals tend to have better policies for proper body alignment and lifting etc. (I used to be a CNA then LPN before) I know both sides. I also know that many nurses can be ignorant or even mean. I have also worked with some CNA’s with attitude as well. What I think could work is developing good relationships with each other. I know it sounds give or take but trust me it worked and works for me more times than not. Nurses in the nursing homes can be overwhelmed too but I’m sure many would help for a CNA who is nice and helpful and first of all is caring for the people. I see your issue because I have had back problems since young age. I worked in a nursing home for a while as a CNA I was in pain every day. I took a job in the hospital and it was easier on my back. Then I transferred to a pediatric hospital and worked there until I became a nurse which was a dream job for me. I’m just sharing my experience, hope it helps a bit. There is no foolproof advice I think. I believe that hospital job for a CNA is much better then the ones in nursing homes anyway. Good luck to you 😊❤️
  2. Guest862922

    Empty ER due to Covid?

    I work in a smaller rural hospital. We are a 21 bed capacity ER. We barely have any patients on most of the days. Mid level providers were either furloughed or work significantly less hours now their pay got just cut. We are being placed on on call or sent home in the middle of the shifts. We barely have tech on shifts, some nights we don’t have house keeper so we do clean and mop the floors and do the terminal cleaning as well. I’ve always thought that I have a stable job as an ER nurse until now. I’m just curious how is it like in your hospital.
  3. Guest862922

    Support chat for stay home parents with RNs spouses at work

    I’m an ER nurse and my husband is working from home due to COVID. We don’t have young children in the house anymore because I’m 51 and he will be 59 soon. I do understand your concern about COVID and your child. I am worried about my hubby just as much because of his age and some conditions he has. Here is what I do when I come home from work. First of all before I leave work I disinfect my shoes and my hands. (we use the ambulance entrance so it’s a short walk to my car) I come home right away (not going to shop as I used to), and get naked (literally) in my garage , put my clothes in a bag and go straight to the shower. I spray the door knobs and other surffaces with Lysol or Chlorox. I use PPE at work properly, wash my hands all the time. I think COVID not worse then other viral or bacterial infections when it comes to preventing the spread. With proper and diligent hand washing, cleaning etc. it can be prevented. But this is just how I do. I can quit my job anytime luckily my hubby earns well enough for us to survive for a while. But I’m a proactive person who thinks about the what if’s.. We are saving money which is not hard these days because everything is closed so we just spend on essentials. Saving for illness and lost wages. We are just 2 of us no family around who could support us in case we would need it. We are pretty much isolated, even our neighbor “friend “ (he is 46 and lives alone) doesn’t even want to talk to us anymore because I work in the ER... So much about health care workers heroes... So I also go to work because at least I’m in a team with emotional support. I just wanted to share my situation and the things I do for my hubby and myself. There are so much to consider I know Hope you guys make the right decision and come through this hard time ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  4. Guest862922

    What is it like in your hospital right now?

    Similar situation exists in the hospital I work. It’s a rural hospital, 129 beds in Florida. We received 1 N95 mask which we have to keep in a brown paper bag. We can only get another one if the mask becomes soiled or ruined. One visitor allowed per patient between 8am and 9 pm including the ED where I work. We have to take our temperature twice during a shift. Census is low, started to cut hours. Luckily I work nights in the “skeleton crew” so I can keep my hours. We see management coming in early hours but not much information we get I.e. if anybody who suspected with COVID we treated was ever confirmed. Feeling secrecy and let down. We don’t know if we get infected/sick then how long we can stay home meaning could we self quarantined for 14 days or just stay home until symptoms gone...So much about “healthcare workers heroes”... In reality I feel the less protected and cared about right now. I feel that my hospital management putting their head in the sand. The atmosphere is kinda weird at work these days. We’re trying to be funny but snap real fast on each other. The uncertainty ruins everything. I just wish this crap would be over soon.
  5. Guest862922

    LPN to RN graduate resume question

    Thank you 😊That's what I was thinking myself and found odd what our managment class teacher said aboit resume.
  6. Guest862922

    LPN to RN graduate resume question

    Hello Everyone, I graduated in Lpn to Rn program on May 12th. I need to create a new resume now. We were told in management class that we should include our clinical or preceptor hours in our resume. (not everyone did preceptor ship)Unfortunately I had to retake the last class which was critical care nursing. First time I successfully completed 96 hours preceptor ship and the second time 96 hours regular clinicals. Ironically I want to apply to ICU jobs in Florida. My question is should I include both experiences in my resume or just the clinical hours from the last successful semester? I don't want to lie but I'm not proud that I failed the class first time either. My explanation for my failure is that my husband lost his job at the beginning of that semester and moved to Florida to start his new job while I stayed in Ohio to finish school. I wasn't able to focus well in the first month and I just couldn't catch up. Also I would like to hear from RN's who were Lpn's before about how to incorporate Lpn experience in the new RN resume. Thank you in advance
  7. Guest862922

    Moving to Pensacola

    Yeah, it's similar here in Ohio except they have these new grad programs where they hire new grads for pennies, placing them to the worst floors where nobody wants to work then force them to get their BSN for a dollar raise... I'm hoping that my long experience (12 years as LPN and 3 as a PCA) could count. My dream is to be a pediatric nurse. I'm 49 years old so if my dreams couldn't come through I wouldn't mind to work in a hospice company or doing agency as well. We'll see what life brings meí ½í¸Š
  8. Guest862922

    Moving to Pensacola

    Wow $23? 1:6 on the floor? doesn't sound to promising...I lived and worked in Tampa Bay-Sarasota area before our Ohio adventures. The money and the ratio was much better there... I guess I will have to do a year medsurg then go back to do agency job... I currently make 23-24 as an agency LPN here. I'm a bit scared...
  9. Guest862922

    Moving to Pensacola

    Thank you so much for your input. I'm thinking in Sacred Heart, I would love to work in their new children's hospital. I'm also planning to start working in staffing agencies until I get the job I'd like. 27? wow I expected a bit more.. but oh well it's the same up here in OHIO except we pay a bunch of taxes like state and city.. so that's a raise.. lol Do you know about nurse-pt ratios?
  10. Guest862922

    Moving to Pensacola

    I'll be graduating in December in LPN to RN Access here in Ohio. I've been an LPN since 2005.
  11. Guest862922

    Moving to Pensacola

    Anyone from Pensacola?
  12. Guest862922

    Moving to Pensacola

    Hello Everyone:) Moving to Pensacola Fl next January. I'll be graduating in an Lpn-Rn bridge program here in Ohio in December this year and I will apply for license in Fl. I've been an LPN since 2005. Graduated and worked in Florida until 2009. Just curious about how is the life of an RN in Pensacola these days. What is the pay, job options, work environment like staffing, work politics etc. Thank you in advance
  13. Guest862922

    How to deal with a bully patient?

    I would love to work there as an agency nurse ❤️ It is nice to see that this kind of place like yours exist! Kudos to you and your staff 💕💕💕
  14. Guest862922

    Etical Dilemma

    Hello Everone, I have a serious ethical dilemma. I work for staffing agency. I have a special assignment. I take care of a patient who is actively dying .The patient's nurse is also the patient's POA which I found kinda unusual.This is not a homecare setting, its a small religious facility, have two patients. The patient is also under hospice care. She has glionlastoma in her brain which progresses real fast literally day by day. Based on the evening shift nurse report she gets confused at times which is indicated with her diagnosis.She has terrible pain especially at night. So last Friday night I administered the prescribed Morphine and Ativan when she complained about terrible pain and she was very restless. She had a good night sleep, she was alert and fully oriented in the morning, pain subsided, felt rested. So the nurse who is her POA sent me a text requesting not to give the Morphine to the pt because "it is messes up her mind" Personally I think there is a personal conflict of interest there. I understand that the pt and the nurse have been friends for a long time, they became friends before she became her nurse. But I think that relationship should not influence her decision making as a POA. The meds were prescribed with the pt full understanding and accepting. I feel that I want to stay away from this case because I can not watch this patient's suffering based on this nurse's decision based on her own emotions which I think negatively effecting her nursing judgement. But staying away might cause to loose this case totally because this nurse also the manager there... What do you all think?
  15. Guest862922

    The Controversy: Mandatory Flu Vaccines

    I totally agree with you. I don't know what I would do if I found myself in the situation. I got flu vaccine once in my life many years ago. That was the only time when actually was sick with flu! My immune system is so strong borderline autoimmune. I received one part of the HB and my titer is higher than people with all. And so on. So how could I deal with an employer who would make the shot mondatory? What about my rights to be healthy? Just hoping that it will not happen to me....
  16. Guest862922

    I need your advise please

    I have to medicate the pt. She wants access to the med I carry stated" if you are incapacitated or incompetent"...