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  1. Study Tips for Nursing Students

    Thank you, these tips are great!
  2. UCO & OSU-OKC Spring 2015 applicants

    Thanks for your response! I started the online portion last night, it's going well so far. I'm taking it on the AHA website, I like their setup! This is my second time to take a CPR course so I think I will do fine. I'm getting so excited for school ...
  3. UCO & OSU-OKC Spring 2015 applicants

    About how long did each part take you?
  4. UCO & OSU-OKC Spring 2015 applicants

    Hi everyone! I also got accepted into the program at OSU-OKC!! I'm looking for a CPR class to take as well, I read on a different form, that a current nursing student got their CPR at OSU-OKC. I was thinking about doing a class that is half online, ...