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  1. Ok, so in nutrition, I was taught that a high protein diet can be harmful to kidneys. However, in patients on a "Renal Diet" who are on dialysis at the hospital I am assigned for clinical rotations, patients must eat lots of high quality protein, and it is a HIGH PROTEIN DIET. I have read information that suggests patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) to eat a LOW PROTEIN DIET, and I have read information that CKD patients eat a HIGH PROTEIN DIET. So I am confused! Which is it? NOTE: - I am only referring to quality protein (lean meats, fish, poultry, and eggs). I know that processed meat, and red meat should not be consumed as they have lots of by products that can not be filtered out in CKD patients. - I am NOT referring to KETO, or Atkins. I am talking about a balanced renal diet. Not weight loss fad diets.
  2. dah512

    Got Written Up, Cant Stop Thinking About It

    Sounds like you did not do anything wrong, and that nurse should have never just dumped that patient.
  3. I may be beating an old horse with a stick on this question, but the last thread I found was from 2010....and well... we all know medicine can change drastically over almost 10 years. SO... in school I was taught to NOT aspirate (draw back to see blood flash back) before injecting in an intramuscular injection. Our teacher said there is not evidence to support the use of it. Is our school right? I found that the CDC does not recommend this practice for vaccinations... but what about just plain old medication administration? What do yall do and what are your thoughts?
  4. dah512

    Austin Community College ADN Spring 2018

    Hey there! I sent in my application on Friday 06/23 and thought to my self, "we need a thread!!!" lol. So, it was quit intimidating taking the HESI and seeing so many people !!! I calculated my points to be 39.... my guess at my chances are as good as anyones...
  5. It seems as if there is not a recent thread for students applying for ACC ADN programs for 2017 and there on. Any one out there? Would be nice to start a community thread :) I am hoping to finish up all the pre reqs in the spring. I will then have all the mobility track pre reqs, and all the traditional track pre reqs. Does any one know if the application pool has a higher probability of acceptance over the other? Any one out there feel free to comment on their application journey regardless of what stage you are!
  6. Congrats everyone on being accepted! I am looking to apply next year, I have 2 more pre-reqs to do. Is there any one willing to share their application score? And does any one know someone who didn't get accepted and how many points their application had? I made a B in anatomy and micro, and just wanted to see how realistic it would be that I get in, even if I have to apply 3 times. the rest of my pre-reqs I have an A or anticipate receiving an A

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