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  1. clvn23

    Difficult PO Medication Administration

    I work in a memory care lock down unit as a Lvn a lot of ours have crush orders so a lot are in applesauce and you really just have to act in a positive way and excited to give them their medicine and be assertive as well offer them a prize after , we have one wander we always put hers in ice cream and walk with her to the table and sit down you just have to catch them at the right moment with their mood. Hope it will get better you will learn their personalities!:)
  2. clvn23

    New job blues,..

    What there doing is prepulling there meds please never do that's it's illegal and there not gonna back you up when state dings your license, some of the nurses do that in my assisted living facility and I refuse to ,I go by the book never do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable!
  3. clvn23

    New Lvn nurse left Ltc advice

    So I'm still a new grad technically still under a year I have 6 months working in school with I loved but the year ended so I start working in a snf I worked there for a month and a half so I don't even put them on my resume which sucks cause I learned so much there I just don't want a bad reference the nurses who workered there said I wouldn't put them on there resume cause the don is crazy she will turn her back on you real quick I quickly realized anyway I have a few questions about working in a snf just so I know for my next job this place ,any advice what do you do for patients that pocket meds I would crush and mix with applesauce and give with spoon and they will pocket any tricks that are legal lol?Also when we would do the narc count I would get so stressed out cause the other nurses would forget to sign off when we would count they would call the number I would be checking the pills to see if it was accurate do you check the signatures to I mean that would take forever how do you Ltc nurses go about narc count could someone be calling out the wrong amount of pills if they possibly took one?also i had about 25 patients when I worked which is average I was just slow but they weren't giving me time to get better it was a few days I was always staying over 2 hours the don was so mad she said it's unacceptable that she's not signing anymore overtime so felt she was gonna fire me if I didn't quit how I felt ,and then I went in on my day off to talk to them how I felt with the administrator totally different person the don tried to be all nice they knew I was struggling and they have me a evening shift which I didn't know was the worst shift 3-11 as its hard you have 48 patients it's like no one cared that l was struggling I was done after that and they wants me to come in at 7am the next day cause I was a treatment nurse to I didn't get home till 1am I texted them I quit the next day morning I didn't mean to be unprofessional but no one from management or high up is there on the weekend to talk to after that night i felt my license was in jeopardy I'm a new grad I couldn't handle that many pts ,that's , all the don told me to see what the other nurses were doing to be quicker which they were doing illegal shortcuts to be quicker.well thanks for reading my rant I'm still in search of a Lvn job now but glad I'm out of there I was miserable but loved my pts!too bad I can't put the experience on my resume :/
  4. Later on I plan to bridge to Lvn to adn once I have a year Med surg experience is the application requirement at colleges if you want your associates degree you have to still get all your preq anyway so might as well go for rn it's up to you
  5. Honestly I wouldn't go there again it's too expensive the teachers are just there for check they don't care about you ,after if you can even find a Lvn job you won't be able to pay that huge 30,000 that they are charging trust me I wish I went straight for my rn now I'm still a new nurse struggling to get my 1 year experience ,they really don't help you find a job after its hard for a new grad to get a job realistically unless u have 1 years experience unless u wanna be stuck doing graveyard home health I was even trying to find nursing home job they all want experience I'm struggling myself I worked in a elementary school as Lvn for 6 months then they didn't renew my contract I got so lucky to even get that job the pay isn't that great for that kind of tution unless u are gonna look for work outside of the inland empire and don't go there for how quick it is for the program that's why I went there it takes a good six months after u graduate to for your nclex date and license to come you can't work until you have your license in hand ,but that's why I said u should go to community and do it the cheaper way just trying to let you know what I woulda done !good luck!!!
  6. I went there in Ontario I personally think it's way overpriced you can go to a community college and get your Lvn for way cheaper !!!and finding a job after is more on you also
  7. clvn23

    Feeling extremely discouraged

    I feel your pain I'm new in a snf also and had 48 patients to pass meds to I just couldn't do it and had to resign its way too much for one person
  8. clvn23

    Advice treatment nurse lvn

    Thanks!for the help!
  9. clvn23

    New grad lvn is it normal to feel this way?!?

    Thanks for the response!tough part is I'm being trained as a treatment nurse and Med charge nurse to I just feel like I can't remember everything ,1 week as med charge nurse and 1 week for treatments for orientation is that enough or is this usual ?and I have a patient ratio of about 1:50 for treatments around there it depends and I'm just feeling really dumb and discouraged at this point and nervous I wanna do the best I can and learn 😞
  10. Ok so I got my first real nursing job in a ltc snf I'm still considered a new grad I only worked previous six months In a school district as a nurse so I know this experience should be good for me !im in my mid 20s I didn't have no previous medical experience so u can't imagine how I feel! First day of med pass I just felt like breaking down but I kept it together it should feel easier today I hope I'm just so overwhelmed I wonder if everyone feels this way to have 20 something patients how was it when you first started? I just want to feel better I feel sick just thinking about going in its a lot of stress and everyone always comments on how young of a nurse I am and always think I'm a cna ,it's like yes I know I get it I'm young !lol I'm praying I will start to feel better as time goes I just had to vent I feel like no one understand the feelings right now and if it gets better !waking up so early and hitting tons of traffic driving for 40 mins than jump into stress !lol I guess this is all new to me
  11. clvn23

    NCLEX Blues

    I think you are good ,when I passed I got the good pop up to I used the nclex mastery app to pass and hurst review but that app is a lifesaver!if you still get the good pop up after two days they score it twice ,everyone I known has passed with good pop up after two days good luck!
  12. clvn23

    Advice treatment nurse lvn

    Im a new Lvn still and just got a job as a treatment nurse this will be my first real job as a Lvn super excited and nervous!i want to study ahead of time and be prepared as I will be the new treatment nurse so I will be studying as I don't know everything but will do the best I can! Any advice on what to focus on will be appreciated thanks!
  13. clvn23

    New Grad - Ain't he special!

    Yes I understand that but not all new grads are like that is what I mean but yes he was wrong for acting that way im just saying wrong form of words
  14. clvn23

    New Grad - Ain't he special!

    Everyone was a new grad once so it shouldn't be no hate against new grad nurses but it's patient care they shouldn't be acting like that it is their duty to clean patients and help!i would be so happy to have a job like that period!
  15. clvn23

    Win $100! May 2015 Caption Contest

    Run while you can !
  16. clvn23

    Nurses with ear piercings

    I have a whole sleeve of tattoos and no one ever knew in clinicals you just wear a arm sleeve if you really want tattoes I love art so it wasn't gonna stop me just don't show it in your interview it looks unprofessional wear long sleeve shirt then just wear a sleeve band when you work lots of nurses have tattoos just avoid the hand my goes to my wrist were the arm band can still cover, the hand you can't hide unless you wanna put cover up on it everyday would suck

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