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  1. mwpdx

    Providence Scholars for University of Portland

    Thats great, congratulations! I was accepted as well! For me this was my dream nursing school option, so it is an easy decision. I can see where you are coming from, though. OHSU is such a highly regarded school and would be a great opportunity as well. One big advantage of UP is only 20 months without an income vs. 3 years, like you mentioned. But I also think a guaranteed position as a new grad is the best benefit by far. Especially if you are interested in acute care in the hospital, these jobs can be difficult to find as a new grad. I also have really appreciated how helpful and supportive the UP staff has been throughout the application process. I am going to the orientation tomorrow as well- maybe I will see you there! :)
  2. I haven't seen anyone talking about the Providence Scholars program on this board, but thought I would ask if anyone else interviewed for the program last week. I am on pins and needles waiting to hear back!
  3. You are right, haha. Great reading comprehension on my part. :)
  4. Hey PCC applicants, time to check your PCC Email! :) Just got an email about the proctered essay on April 9th.
  5. mwpdx

    University of Portland Spring 2016

    Hi Samantha, congrats to you as well- look forward to meeting you next January! Did any of you apply for the Providence scholars program? I have an interview next Saturday. Really looking forward to it, but I am a bit nervous as well.
  6. mwpdx

    University of Portland Spring 2016

    I was accepted for Spring 2016 as well - extremely excited as UP is my first choice program by far. I think if you call the admissions office they can tell you where you stand in the wait list. Good luck to both of you! medinasn - congrats on the acceptance! Portland is a great place to live. What type of questions do you have?
  7. mwpdx

    OHSU Fall 2015 BSN

    I was invited to interview, but declined because I have already decided to attend UP. The email I replied to said they would give another applicant my interview spot, so hopefully this gives someone else a last minute exciting email invitation! Good luck to everyone on the interviews!
  8. I took it at Multnomah university years back. I think I remember someone saying that PSU offers a class that works for that requirement? Not sure. I am really looking forward to next January! Can you believe it's 10 months from now? I have an interview for Providence Scholars on March 28th - anyone else attending those interviews?
  9. I did apply for it - not sure how much of a chance I have but it sure would be amazing. The cost is a little bit overwhelming for sure, but I feel like it will be worth it to attend this program. I am finishing up statistics now and still need ethics and a literature class.
  10. Hurray! That is great, congrats. I was worried it was a rejection letter by how thin the envelope was. I am guessing they wait on the financial aid bit until they select the Providence Scholars- did you apply for that? I can't remember if you said UP was your top choice...will you be attending for sure or waiting to hear from other schools?
  11. Thanks, it is really exciting. You're right - there is still plenty of time - here's hoping you get good news as well!
  12. I can't believe it - I just got my acceptance letter to university of Portland!!! Wow. I don't know if I have ever experienced excitement quite like this. Anyone else get a letter today?
  13. Yes, that is my main concern as well. I know UP looks at the cumulative, but they also state that they consider the student more holistically than other programs - essays, experience, references, etc. so I am hopeful this will make me a stronger candidate there.
  14. That's great! The admissions coordinator told me they will know who has been selected by the end of February, but the letters are mailed the first week of March. So we should definitely know within the next two weeks. I am counting down the days rather anxiously!
  15. mwpdx

    OHSU Fall 2015 BSN

    Wow, only a month from now. Let's hope this month flies by!