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    What skills a nurse needs

    Hi everyone, I am new to allnurses.com . I just have a question about nursing career because I am considering it. I am Asian and have been in US for 9 months. I'm almost done my second semester at a community college and considering to take prerequisites for nursing major. However, my family think that I can't do it; I can't be a nurse because several of reasons such as I'm too small to help patients ( It sounds funny), nursing is stressful, overload, and it is a competitive career that an Asian like me has less opportunities and so on. I love taking care of others, talking to patients, making them feel better and so I love being a nurse. But I'm not really good at Bio or Chem; all I can do is working hard. As you can see, what I love and my ability and nursing career's requirements are so different. Therefore, I'm glad to hear some advice for my problem. I cannot decide if I should be a nurse or not and what skills that a nurse should have. Thank you.

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