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  1. msulliva

    Ok, no backing away now

    I have BS too in Business Administration. I signed up for my first pre-req - Biology 101 last week and am finally over the what have I done phase. I can't wait to get the book and start reading!!! The only downside is having to spend some time away from my kids and husband one night a week. Best of luck to all and congratulations on making the tough decision to go for it!!! Michelle
  2. msulliva

    Roll Call Fall '05, Pre-nursing for RN program

    While my DH was somewhat supportive, I don't think he knows what this will all entail. It took me about three weeks before I could even talk to him about it and he still really doesn't want to hear the details. I feel for you and have a sense of what you are going through. I wish these guys would understand that we are doing this not only for ourselves, but for the family. That old saying about when mom is happy, everyone is happy is very true! Good luck and hang in there. Michelle
  3. msulliva

    Roll Call Fall '05, Pre-nursing for RN program

    I will take Biology 101 at Mass Bay Community College. M
  4. Hello all! Just found this board and am hoping it will be a great support over the next few years. After being out of school for 10 years, I have decided to pursue a degree in nursing. Unfortunetley, most people think I am crazy to make this decision. I am 36, have a three and five year old and have a WELL-PAYING executive level job with the Federal government. I started on my Masters degree in Public Administration a few months ago, but it is just plain obvious that it is not my real love. Since I was a kid, I have been fascinated by the human body, medicine and the idea of nursing. I was steered towards a degree in business as that was the "place" for women to make the dollars. I am just plain fed up with my bureaucratic job and sitting at a desk all day!!!! I am hoping to complete my pre-nursing courses over the next year (Biology in September and then A&P I and II, Chemistry, Microbiology, etc) and begin my journey to Nursing school. I will be blatently honest in saying I am TERRIFIED as I am understand the commitment I am about to take. On the other hand, after reading some of these posts, I KNOW, I am heading in the right direction. Any advice, words of wisdom etc, you all can provide (stories of other moms doing the same, other second-career nursing students, etc) would be VERY, VERY much appreciated! Thanks!!!