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  1. Ullis

    Let's play I Remember When.....

    hello! We still use sugar, but not so often! The bacteria eat so much of it so they die. Im not sure it is true but it works sometimes! Maybe the 02 worked like "speed" for the bacteria so they would eat ever more and die sooner!! Ullis
  2. Im writing about meningitis and what we as nurses should think about when we take care of these pat. If you have any tips please let me know. Ullis
  3. Hello! I work in Sweden and we have a growing problem with multiresistentTB. This mostly conserns patients from former Russia and east-europe. A couple of years ago we rarly saw TB here in Sweden due to our vaccinationprogram. But nothing last fore...
  4. Ullis

    Where have all the nurses gone?

    Hello! I am a nurse in Sweden and I just found this site. I feel a bite sad when I realise that you all "over there" have the same situation as we have. Horrible workinghours, badly paid and everybody is expecting you to be a Florence... What can w...