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  1. Rn0126

    SRNA Interview question examples

    Anyone willing to provide examples of the interview questions they were asked, also how to best prepare especially for the clinical based questions?
  2. Rn0126

    Psychedelic Nursing

    I am super interested in this as well.if you ever find out any info or decide to do the certification let me know more info !!
  3. Rn0126

    how to stand out

    This is awesome thank you so much! I currently listen to beyond the mask and at the head of the bed - two podcasts about CRNA, but had not yet looked into books. I can’t wait to begin reading it !
  4. Rn0126

    how to stand out

    Hello, I plan to begin my applications to crna schools the beginning of 2020, and am just looking for advice on how to stand out and make myself the strongest applicant possible. I have been to informational meetings, and will be meeting with an admissions employee soon to go over my resume and application, and also have the benefit of putting my name to my application. I have my ccrn, acls, bls, and will be doing pals soon, as well as taking my GRE for schools that require that. I have extensive unit work that I am able to put on my application, from committee experience, education, leadership, and years of nursing experience as well. what are some things that you recommend or feel really helped you stand out to get an interview or to be accepted to your school? What are things you felt made a difference, or wish you had done the first application round but felt helped you get into schools the second or third time of applying? Any suggestions, advice, ideas, or help would be greatly appreciated- thank you in advanced!
  5. Rn0126

    Tips for AACN CCRN review ?

    Did you ever take it ? I failed by 4 questions and am trying to decide what else I should do to retake it
  6. Rn0126

    Crna jobs

    Since this thread has been created, there’s been a lot of new released new articles and journals about CRNA opening their own ketamine clinics for pain management, ketamine has always been such an underused drug in my opinion, but with the opioid epidemic it will be very interesting and exciting to see where this drug falls in place with practicing CRNA
  7. Rn0126

    CCRN 2019

    Hey so I took my ccrn recently and failed 🥺 very disappointed in myself. But anyway, was the AACN review course helpful? I read barons and did the pass ccrn book and questions and failed so looking for other things that might be helpful.
  8. Hey! Just want to hear the best parts about being a crna and what the current job opportunities look like? What kind of jobs are available outside of the OR but in a hospital? And are they used in teaching hospitals? What is it like being an ED crna..if that is a thing ?
  9. Rn0126

    Crna jobs

    So I am super interested in CRNA and really like the autonomy and the ability to have independence within the field . I currently work in a medical icu and my ideal patients are intubated sedated with multiple drips, crrt, bronchs, procedures etc. with a crna degree I was wondering is it possible to have the job equivalent of a Intensevist? Or the person that is the pulmonary intensevist that response to rapid responses etc. I also have a passion for palliative care (weird combo) but I’m wondering if crna ever work in palliative clinics or pain management clinics independently ? as much as I love what I’ve heard with crna I’m wondering if what I have in my head for a job is what crna are actually allowed to do within their scope of practice . I have shadowed one crna and plan to shadow more in the future as well as palliative NP but I am torn on what to do! Any comments are welcomed !!
  10. Rn0126

    VCU's accelerated program 2015

    @cvillefredrva8 First off no I have not done any work except volunteering for my required hours, as for opening books and doing homework….not so much!!! Second, I don't think there is a group, you should make one! Has anyone put in their deposit yet or going to meet with the advisor??
  11. Rn0126

    VCU's accelerated program 2015

    @alliegem hi! I was wondering, do they have preferences on laptops and computers you use and things like that? I remember looking at a link once about it but cant find it anymore!!!
  12. Rn0126

    VCU's accelerated program 2015

    @alliegem I could not tell you how much this is helping me!!! I currently go to WVU but will be coming back once a meeting is set up to meet with an advisor etc. Like i previously mentioned I grew up in Richmond VA until I went to college so I know the area very very well. My parents still live in the short pump area, so I have the option of living at home, but I am also considering living closer as well. Do you have any suggestions on if commuting from short pump to school (which I know isn't too far) would be annoying or do you think living at home would work? Obviously living at home saves A TON of money, but just wanted to make sure it was doable!!!
  13. Rn0126

    VCU's accelerated program 2015

    Hi! @alliegem first thanks so much for being SOOO helpful. I was wondering the same questions @bbcd had. Also, I was wondering if there was anyway you could explain a typical day while you have been at the program? Or is everyday different? Just trying to get a feel of how it will be!!! Thanks again!!!!
  14. Rn0126

    VCU's accelerated program 2015

    Hello ! I got my email this morning about being accepted into VCU program! I am very excited . I grew up in richmond but went to WVU for my undergrad. I was wondering if any students in the program have any insight, how they like it, or any information at all on helping the decision making process a bit easier!