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  1. Providence TIP Programs for August 2017

    Hi liljd, if you don't mind me asking, when did you submit your application? I'm trying to get an idea of if they are reviewing them all and calling as they go... I had an issue with getting my reference letters, so mine wasn't submitted until the 30...
  2. Saint Joseph Orange Follow UP

    Hi all, I've been going crazy in this application game and was so excited to come across the opening for St Joes in Orange for their ED New Graduate position. I applied about two weeks ago and wanted to ask any advice as far as following up with thei...
  3. CHOC RN Residency June 2017

    I had this issue as well... I found out that you can upload up to 5 files (I think?) in your profile, which is separate from your application. I included my cover letter, resume, and letters of recommendation there. Hopefully that was the right thing...
  4. CHLA September 2017

    Oh man, I've been prowling this thread all week hoping to see if anyone was getting called from the Heart Institute. I had my interview a week ago (4/20), crossing my fingers and toes they might call more people for interviews tomorrow.