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  1. keketas007

    Back Pain

    Hello all... I am wondering does anyone get regular massage to help combat back pain? And if so how often. I am not a gym nut, but I did not have back problems till I started this. I was the secretary at first answering call lights and the phone. I had no idea what nurses and aids actually endure till I came from behind the desk. They made it look so easy.
  2. MBON are the worst people to try and contact.... To try and help someone make sense of their issue... I was issued a 90 day letter..A couple of days before the day I call left a message no return call so I went to Mbon...They just gave me a contact person who only communicates by email... so I emailed him and he says you will not be seen till they review your issue...If there is a problem he will call.. I called the head of the background check dept...Her voicemail says don't leave multiple messages "I will get the message and help you resolve your issue...I can't contact her for 5 business days....Some people act like going to Mbon is enough That does not solve anything... That lady at the window is no help just fives you a number to call.. Then there is no luck with contacting that person....I have contacted the courts to see what in the world they found....I have one thing on my background failure to return rented vehicle... I am at my Witt's end I challenged the finger prints.. will they really work on my issue so my name can be cleared to get a license????
  3. keketas007

    lpn rn bridge program or no lpn..

    I have been debating what to do...I currently work at Johns Hopkins Bayview 16.50 17 yrs I am a unit secretary on a med surg floor I work 7p-7a....I am currently in school my ultimate goal is to become an RN I was going to go for the lpn rn bridge program because I can become an lpn in a year....But I am almost thinking that wont be alot of use since hospitals dont use lpns I would have to leave hospital to get job... So should I just skip lpn all together and just go a little longer for my associates and I would be able to role right over to job in the hospital a little easier....I am thinking it would be a little smarter to stay there if I am already grounded....thank you for all insight and opinions are appreciated...Now my thinking is
  4. keketas007

    I am blessed to have it...But!!!!

    thank you!!!
  5. keketas007

    time management Thank you for all responses;))

    thank you for the insight...and your story is definitely motivation
  6. keketas007

    I am blessed to have it...But!!!!

    I encourage anyone in school to keep going please keep going!!!! I have worked 17 years at the hospital the last 10 years as a secretary...And guess what my pay as a secretary has maxed out at 16.50...I am blessed to have a job!!!!! But I was not ready for this...When I first got my job at the hospital I was uber excited!!!!!!!!!!!!! The hospital around where I live has always been so hard to get into..I started in the kitchen became an patient Escort....Then I became a secretary for the last 10 years...Got my annual evaluation it was good so i was expecting to see a raise on my next pay....NO RAISE....I thought there was a mistake the paperwork wsa backed up or something...I called HR they told me I had maxed out....AHHHH COME AGAIN.....I still have like 20 working years left....I always knew that I didnt make alot of money but I maintained didnt live beyond my means...But that hit me like a ton of bricks this is what they call a dead end job....nO ADVANCEMENT....NO RAISES NO PROMOTION NADDA!!!! in a matter of speaking this is it!!!!So you mean to tell me that for the next 20 years unitl i retire that is all i will make!!!!! WHAT!!!! i DONT HAVE A CHOICE I AM GOING BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!! And get my RN. How do you guys juggle work and schhol???
  7. Hello fellow nursing students... Yes I have a question about time management...Now I have seen co-workers work and go to school...I have worked in the hospital 17 years I have been a secretary the last 10 years on the floor of a med surg unit...I work 3 12 hour nights there is plenty of downtime for me to study I mean plenty....For instance if there are no patients to be admitted I just answer the call bell and telephone...I have a 15 year old and a 3 year old...i see people work at night and go to school in the morning some go to clinicals..some have children some don't...But I am just really wondering is it humanly possible to work 36 hrs a week and take a few classes....How is the time managed with out being tired....And as a side note I took an online class before it does have its advantages...but You must be disciplined and I think the work is more intense alot of writing (typing)...So can someone give me an example of there day if you have ever worked and went to school...And how you managed to finish....Thank you for all responses