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  1. charlie_bones

    Surgical NP

    @Shereen Cruz thanks, super helpful. Wondering if your peri-op experience was hospital/inpatient? I'm starting out at an outpatient surgery center (due to family schedule) and hoping to move over to a hospital after a year. Have to work on my BSN as well unless there were a bridge program for ADN since I already have a different bachelors. Is considering an FNP absurd for this path? (it seems like there's more bridge FNP programs out there) Thanks for your reply!
  2. charlie_bones

    Surgical NP

    WOW! so glad to find this thread! I am about to enter my final semester of my ADN program and have been fortunate to have a few more OR rotations than most (as well as shadowing in the OR on my own) during school that have cemented my interest in working in the OR. I'm really hoping to work towards becoming an NP and have been advised to get my RNFA along the way. Ultimately I would like to work in ortho as an NP and be able to assist in surgeries as well as a clinical setting and rounding post operatively. -From what I'm learning, to work in surgeries an ACNP is advised, but if I want to specialize in ortho (across all ages), would FNP work? Also, I know it's advised to get years of experience, but I figure it will take me 3-4 years so I will be working while pursuing an MSN-NP. (I'm a second career student with kids and an unrelated bachelors, so I'm hoping to just press on while in school-mode). -Lastly, if anyone has input on good online RN-BSN-MSN/NP programs I'd love to hear. I've been speaking with Chamberlain reps but have read some less than glowing reviews about the program. Thanks for any help!!
  3. charlie_bones

    Becoming a Working Nurse Mom

    Thank you for this insightful post and all of the replies to boot. I am 32 and have found myself on my way to a second career due to injury retirement from my first. I, too, thought at this stage I'd have my life laid out nicely and children would simply be the next step (simply? ha!). Instead, my world did a few somersaults and as I enter my last semester of prereq's for nursing school, I've been swimming in confusion as to how I'd ever find a balance of so many big life events-- marriage, kids, and if I was choosing the right new career. I look forward to nursing and learning every day how to be great at a new job. I've never known it any other way than to pour myself into work. I've also looked forward to being a mother for as long as I can remember. In a time when women are encouraged to do it all, I now truly see that finding that balance is no cakewalk and I have so much respect for those who pull it off. A few friends and I have found ourselves laughing at our own naiveté of thinking we could easily be "career beasts" and great moms. What I have read on this post has solidified my decision to go forward with nursing and the flexibility it provides at different stages in life. While "the best laid plans...go astray", my hope is that life as a nurse and a parent more easily allows for adaptability when they do :)
  4. charlie_bones

    Cuesta College RN program question

    Hi there- I saw that your post is form Sept '13 so maybe this is now irrelevant, but I recently had appts with a general counselor and the nursing counselor and was misguided initially with the same information. I was relieved to first hear I could still take micro at the time of application, however the nursing counselor told me all classes needed to be completed. Looks like spring will be a heavy course load! Have you already applied or are you waiting until Oct 2016?