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  1. Salary for ADON 150 beds

    As a BSN nurse with 5 years experience (less than 1 year in LTC) as an ADON of a 90 bed facility in Indiana I was offered 76,000
  2. Two roads diverged.....or nah.....

    Yes, to which?! Yes to which?
  3. Two roads diverged.....or nah.....

    I am currently a practicing RN, BSN working in management in Indiana. I would like to go back for my masters degree with an emphasis on mental health. Does is make more sense for job prospects/income/scope or any other reasons to pursue my FNP first ...
  4. Care Plan help?!!?

    I have a care plan due to a patient in a Neuro rehab center. I am terrible at care plans to say the least and am finding this one especially difficult. I cant think of any acceptable goals and cant figure out how to prioritize diagnoses. My patient s...