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  1. Mpittsenbarger

    Salary for ADON 150 beds

    As a BSN nurse with 5 years experience (less than 1 year in LTC) as an ADON of a 90 bed facility in Indiana I was offered 76,000
  2. Mpittsenbarger

    Two roads diverged.....or nah.....

    Yes, to which?! Yes to which?
  3. Mpittsenbarger

    Two roads diverged.....or nah.....

    I am currently a practicing RN, BSN working in management in Indiana. I would like to go back for my masters degree with an emphasis on mental health. Does is make more sense for job prospects/income/scope or any other reasons to pursue my FNP first and then do a post masters certification for my psychiatric mental health NP or to just got straight to an PMHNP program. Any feedback would be much appreciated.
  4. Mpittsenbarger

    Care Plan help?!!?

    I have a care plan due to a patient in a Neuro rehab center. I am terrible at care plans to say the least and am finding this one especially difficult. I cant think of any acceptable goals and cant figure out how to prioritize diagnoses. My patient suffered a TBI and as a result is incontinent of bowel and bladder, prone to horrible violent outbursts with no identifiable triggers, he will become physically violent with others as well as biting and hitting himself. He can communicate very mininmally (yes or no responses)......Can someone please point in the right direction. I have to have 3 diagnoses and 3 goals per diagnoses :(

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