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  1. vanz07

    ancillary nurse in saint lukes qc

    Hi guys :) i badly need help here. i received text message fr st. lukes HR (QC) saying that i have an exam tomorrow at 8am for Ancillary Nurse. my questions is: 1. what does ancillary nurse really do? 2. is it counted as experience if i apply abroad? 3. what are the processes that i will undergo through? 4. any suggestions/opinions guys if i should pursue this since i really don't know if i can use this to go abroad cos my aim here is to gain experience and go abroad; * i just tried to apply for their post abt ancillary nurse bec i dont want to have a direct-patient care, that's why.. help guyss pleasseee..THANK YOU
  2. vanz07

    New Zealand Nursing Home

    hi nurses! do you know some nursing homes in NZ that accept nurses without clinical experience? I badly want to work abroad (Auz/NZ) even not in hospitals. hope for your reply and advice. TIA
  3. thanks for the info @ceridwenRN. may i ask how much money will i spend for that 2-3mos BP? am i eligible for 20hr/week part-time work? thanks
  4. hi there! same dilemma. i did pass also my requirements in one of the agency herein the philippines for assistant nurse position in finland, yet, i'm not fully decided if i'll still continue to pursue my application bec. i lack info. on the process and how hard their language is. please share if you have updates already. TIA :)
  5. vanz07

    Assistant Nurse in Finland

    @ jadelpn why can't I access to finlandforum.org??? thanks
  6. vanz07

    Assistant Nurse in Finland

    wow. thank you sooo much. such a great help.
  7. vanz07

    Assistant Nurse in Finland

    hi guys! did anyone here got to work as an assistant nurse in Finland through Topmake International Agency herein Baguio City, Philippines? Just want to know your experiences including the processes you've been through. TIA :)
  8. vanz07

    2014 - The Medical City

    wow nice. thank u soo much..so it will just be 1month training. how are they conducting didactics? tnx:)
  9. vanz07

    2014 - The Medical City

    same dilemma here. please update me too VivRN if you already knoe the answer. thanks a lot!!
  10. vanz07

    2014 - The Medical City

    thank you so much @ChikoyaRn :) hope so that they'll conduct NTAP again and i'll never miss that opportunity again hehe..anyway, how many months of training is that. and after training what's next? are they going to hire us? Thanks!
  11. vanz07

    2014 - The Medical City

    hi guys. do you know when will be the next training of nurses in TMC? tnx
  12. vanz07

    Non-bedside nursing jobs- what's out there?

    hi. may i know how the company nurse applied in the pharmaceutical company and where? do they require hospital experience or they accept newly licensed nurse? hope for your reply. thanks!
  13. vanz07

    2014 - The Medical City

    hi. are they still accepting applicants po with no experience yet? i applied there last august and they scheduled me for an exam the next they but unfortunately i wasn't able to attend bec. im fr. baguio p po. and then i tried to call them to explain then ********** resend ******** resume and mention there *** an old applicant and the like ************** i think ********** email add **. same thing n *****************. and i wasn't able to contact them n dn. does anybody experience this also? share ** plsss.. thnks
  14. vanz07

    Nurse Hiring 2014 Manila Area

    hi. im new here po so i hope you can help me clear things out. :)are they accepting newly licensed nurse po? i mean no experience yet? thanks

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