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  1. TheNurseyNurse

    Discounts for nurses

    Yes! They do this. Another place that gives good discounts for nurses is www.NursePoints.com They actually have a coupon for New York & Co that will get you 20% off.
  2. TheNurseyNurse

    Are there any nurses happy to be a nurse?

    Yeah, that type of negativity is a sign of problems elsewhere. Being a nurse is Great!
  3. TheNurseyNurse

    October 2014 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Is that Green Stuff on you face?
  4. TheNurseyNurse

    The hardest parts of nursing?

    I'm with some of the others on this thread. The hardest part is seeing great patients struggle and lose battles. Breaks my heart.
  5. TheNurseyNurse

    Bullying in the Workplace

    It amazes me every time I see this type of bullying in the workplace. I think to myself, "How can people act like this?!". It is totally unnecessary and should never be done! Home | StopBullying.gov
  6. TheNurseyNurse

    Can't find my niche

    Become a Rapping Nurse!
  7. TheNurseyNurse

    Yale school of nursing NP MSN interview questions

    I've heard the same thing. Just general. The answers they are looking for may differ from others, but the questions are the same (from what I hear!).
  8. TheNurseyNurse

    white boards in patients room

    Visicare is good.
  9. Yeah, not sure I would expect them to recognize them in a large way. Not that they wouldn't but I can see it being less of a concern to them.
  10. TheNurseyNurse

    RN Detained and Quarantined As Ebola Hysteria Reaches a New Low

    It all really is a little crazy.

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