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  1. I just accepted my first assignment in the ICU outside San Francisco! I have been is my current position as an ICU RN for 1.5 years and have been a OR RN for the past 4 years. Do any of the seasoned travelers out there have some advice to be successful in my first assignment? What steps do you take to "hit the ground running"? I am very nervous because I do not know what to expect...
  2. surenot442

    OR nurses pls comment

    I came in as a new grad with no medical background. I love the amount of anatomy I have learned as well as a really strong base in the actual procedures I have. I don't like the M-F 8 or 10 hour days. I wish OR nursing could be 12 hour shifts like other specialties. (and call is a bummer)
  3. surenot442

    The OR is loosing its sparkle

    I used to want to take my CNOR and maybe one day get my RNFA but I am feeling disinterested and un-motivated more and more lately. The high turnover, un-motivated staff, and the management team who seems not to care all reinforce these feelings for me. I have been working in a 16 suite OR for 2.5 years since nursing school. I am starting to feel restless and a like I am falling behind others who graduated with me. I really wish I had spent more time with patients and working on my basic nursing skills before the OR. Management will not allow me to scrub or take on new responsibilities because they say we are spread too thin, although the distribution of labor is very unfair and there are always extra people just hanging out and not doing cases. There is a small group of individuals who do all the cases while others just, well, do nothing. Is this common in other OR's? Should I think about moving to another OR or switching specialties altogether? I don't know what my next move should be and any input or advice would be appreciated.

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