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cortneylb90 BSN

Critical Care, ER
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cortneylb90 has 4 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Critical Care, ER.

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  1. cortneylb90

    Chamberlain MSN-NP July 2020 Start

    Hey. I have been doubling up on my classes so far. I plan to continue to do this through December. It has been very manageable . I say go for it. I did just finish my BSN in May so I’m definitely in the school mode. I’m also wanting to know out the 6 months of the program so it doesn’t take as long.
  2. cortneylb90

    Chamberlain MSN-NP July 2020 Start

    I wanted to update y’all and let you know I was accepted to chamberlain and will be starting with y’all. CONGRATS to everyone and good luck.
  3. cortneylb90

    Chamberlain MSN-NP July 2020 Start

    I called today to check on the status of my application they said they have received everything and I should know by the latest middle of the week. Finger crossed we will be classmates!
  4. cortneylb90

    Chamberlain MSN-NP July 2020 Start

    I applied last week. How long does it take you to get a decision on admission?
  5. cortneylb90

    LPN to RN osu okc points

    Hello can anyone tell me what points they had when they got into osu okc LPN to RN program? I am trying to get in and have to take my LPN step challenge test and teas v. Just wanted to know if I'd be close or not. Spring 2015 hopeful.
  6. cortneylb90

    LPN to RN at platt college okc

    Has anyone been to the LPN to RN program at platt college. I know it's not the most awesome place to go but I went there for my LPN and am having problems getting into other schools without retaking a ton. I wasn't warned in advance. I am considering going back to platt for RN so that I can hurry and be done and not have to fight to prove my LPN. If anyone has an experience with platts RN program please comment. Thank you very much.

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