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  1. Lexis13

    Fall 2019 UM FNP program

    Got an email today for an interview
  2. Lexis13

    FAU FNP 2019

    Fingers crossed ! Thanks for the info
  3. Lexis13

    Fall 2019 UM FNP program

    Thanks for answering
  4. Lexis13

    Fall 2019 UM FNP program

    Wondering the same ! Turned in my application. Just need my last reference to submit there part. But NursingCas considers my application complete. Applying for full time, fall 2019
  5. Lexis13

    FAU FNP 2019

    Any word yet in regards to your application ? I just recently submitted mines. I did have an issue with both FAU and NursingCas recieving my transcripts, but after calling both I had the issue resolved.
  6. Lexis13

    Pearson Vue Trick did NOT work for me and I PASSED! 2017

    Took my exam on 7/6 and I tried the Pearson Vue Trick a little over 30min after the exam. Gotten the good pop up and found out I passed the next day ! Florida
  7. Lexis13

    Balancing school and life?

    1. Setting times or certain days when to study and finish projects or assignments really helps. 2. Buying a planner so you plan ahead of when things are due. 3. Many people I know stay after class, go to the library and study. That way you go home and enjoy yourself knowing that you already studied. Just find things that work for you honestly. You can honestly do it just don't stress yourself. I'm a mom with a two year old, a job and attending school to receive my BSN, trust me if I can do it, so can you ! Enjoy
  8. Lexis13

    Officially a nursing student!!!

    Finishing my program in May ! So excited
  9. Lexis13

    Seeking guidance.

    I agree, if NP is the route you choose, than going straight for your BSN is the best thing to do.
  10. Lexis13

    Officially a nursing student!!!

    Congratulations !
  11. Lexis13

    Lpn school with a 5 month old??

    If becoming an RN is something you always wanted then you should go for it. Im currently in school for my BSN & started while my son was 5 months ! So trust me its possible. Will be graduating in May
  12. Lexis13

    Stethoscope for new grad

    Can't go wrong with a Littmann Sthetoscope. Just look over the reviews of each, many people has used their stethoscope for years and still works well
  13. Lexis13

    Dialysis or LTC?

    Im currently an LPN at a LTC for over 4 years and finally moving on to work as a correctional nurse once my background check comes through. (Also my new job would be a 30 min drive compared to 10 mins for current one) I also dnt like change but if the benefits are important to you & less pay wont affect you much I say go for it. There might not be much more to learn at the LTC so working at the dialysis center just gives you more to add to your resume. Are you planning to go back to school ?
  14. Lexis13


    I used Exam Cram to help me pass the LPN NCLEX
  15. If you start the program during the winter term then you will be finish in May of your expected graduation year