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  1. Has anyone taken this proctored exam? Any suggestions on how to study for this? :) thanks in advance!~
  2. New Nursing Student.

    Bump!!! I have the same questions!
  3. Finally got into a LPN School

    How's everyone doing?!?!?!?! :)
  4. Hello everyone! :) I started the LVN program in November 2014. I was wondering if I should stay at my job doing data entry, I work in an aerospace manufacturing company, or start looking for CNA jobs? Also, does having an experience as a CNA matter m...
  5. Attention All LVN/LPN Students!

    omg, thank you so much for this! I have been freaking out about school. I start next week. eeek! do you have cram.com? quizlet.com? or any of that websites? also, do I need to know ALL drugs? lol. this scares me. I can't send messages yet can you pl...
  6. Finally got into a LPN School

    I added everyone on this thread :)
  7. Attention All LVN/LPN Students!

    4yr old girl and a 7month old baby boy:)
  8. Attention All LVN/LPN Students!

    can't agree with you more! lol as long as i can support my kids and travel i'm good! :)
  9. Attention All LVN/LPN Students!

    Yes, definitely won't stop from there. I just wanna have experience working as an lvn first then rn or bsn, then decide if I wanna do more. What about you?
  10. Attention All LVN/LPN Students!

    yay for us moms who want to further our education! :)
  11. Attention All LVN/LPN Students!

    In the same boat as you! I have 2 kids a 7 month old and a 3 year old. They kind of have the same gap. Congratulations by the way! I'm excited but nervous because of time management.
  12. Finally got into a LPN School

    Me too!! I wanna be able to feel what a nursing student feels lol got our syllabi today and damn first meeting we need to read 5 chapters. Update me with hours
  13. Don't I have to pay for live scan though? If ever, how long should I wait till I follow up with them? I mailed in my petition 10/5. Court hearing was on 10/31. Thanks for letting me know by the way.
  14. How was your experience there? Pros and Cons? Any advice/tips for me? I'll be starting school in December 1st as a part time student, full-time employee. I just want to be prepared for it. Thank you in advance!
  15. Did the same thing!! i filed for petition of dismissal through mail and attached the fee waiver form to it lol hoping they would accept it. called two weeks after to see if they have received my mail, they gave me a hearing date. MISSED IT! I called ...