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I was diagnosed with ADD in 3rd grade. I've been fortunate enough to always be in a room filled with people who support me and are always challenging me. This is why I am in my junior year of nursing school. Please, please, please ask for advice for those who are struggling with ADD themselves.

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    Help? I have ADD while in Nursing School

    No, it's not my real name. I am completely aware of that and thank you for your concern.
  2. I'm in dire need of advice from anyone who has gone though nursing school with ADD (and props to you for doing so by the way). I feel like I'm slowly starting to fall off the deep end and am entering the red zone of possibly failing my junior year. First and foremost, I find it to be totally and unbelievably inconvenient to have a learning deficit. Given that there is always a tolerance problem and some sort of physiological dependency, which is such a drag to work though. Oh yea, and I am medicated, all day every day. Having ADD in nursing school has a lot of odds to defy on a daily basis. Like the fact that I always seem to make a carless mistake, procrastinate and perfectionate, never seeming to contribute to class discussions because my executive function so dang sluggish, my mind is an unorganized mess, and I can never seem to fully understand what my instructors are telling me at clinical. But, I am trying to find the things that will set me aside from all the other students that will make me a better nurse because I've never wanted anything else so much as getting my RN degree. I know I can do this!! Is there any advice as of the best places to work? so far I've LOVED the OR. Is there any natural or herbal supplements that work with add? Is there any advice or motivational strategies that have helped you get though nursing school? Any ways to help with charting and critical thinking? **sorry if this seemed impulsive and not properly thought through**