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  1. ranma18963

    Just passed my nclex pn!

    What did you study to help prepare for the third attempt? I am going for my third try too. I am using saunders and ATI. thank you
  2. ranma18963

    NCLEX-PN failed twice-help

    i didnt like ATI after a couple tests i realized i was memorizing answers and not the information, i will try mosby, thank you.
  3. ranma18963

    NCLEX-PN failed twice-help

    So today i retook the NCLEX LVN, the first time August 2014 i got all 205 questions and i wasnt sure whether i failed or passed, well 4 weeks later i confirmed i failed. I picked up Saunders book, and i took the "Lifesavers" class, (350$ ouch) Barely made it to the 45 day wait they make you do and October today that i took it i only got 85 questions and i know i failed there was NOTHING on there that i remember, and i know i did worse this time around. Of course i want to give up i feel no matter what i do i will not pass this test maybe i am too nervous any advice on where to start studying again i memorized all my values, digoxin toxicity, etc, and of course on the test i get some baby medication on how to give to a one month old infant, but anyway HELP what is the best advice to give to someone who is not sure where to start studying again.