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    struggling with 1st semester classes

    I started nursing school this fall and am having difficulty with Patho and Pharmacology. I spend lots of time doing the learning plans and reading before I go to the classes. The teachers are no help at this nursing school. They have no office hours and if you ask for help on a topic in the Patho class, the teacher says that the book does a good job of explaining that topic. The teachers go over the powerpoints and questions that you may have, but basically you have to read the information and teach it to yourself. Not sure what to do? Not even sure at this point if I am going to pass either or these classes this semester. If I don't pass them, not sure that I am going to retake them because the same teachers will be teaching them next semester. Not sure whether to apply to an LPN program or go back to the public university I transferred from and change my major? any advice??