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  1. MME20

    Graduate from High School with a low GPA

    As others have said, your GPA from high school and your ACT won't matter to medical schools at all. They will look at your volunteer/shadow/research/work experiences, your recommendations, your MCAT score, your cumulative Bachelor degree GPA, and your science GPA. They are highly competitive and selective, but if you put in the work during your undergrad career, it's possible! Just remember that good grades are important, but networking and volunteer experiences are equally so. A good forum to check out would be the student doctor forum. They have a whole pre-med section. You can get your undergraduate degree in almost any field so long as you take all of the general requirements to be able to apply to med school (there are a lot). Community college would be an affordable way for you to take all of your prerequisites for your Bachelors and give you a way to build up your GPA before transferring to a four year university. Once you enroll in school again, there are pre-med advisors that can help you plan your education. Also, if you plan on enrolling in a community college first, you may not need to worry about taking the ACT at all. There are a lot of possible careers in the medical field, so if your heart isn't set on being a doctor and dedicating another 8-12 years to school, you can also talk to your advisor about other med career options. Best of luck in whatever you decide to do :)
  2. MME20

    Denied from ELMSN programs :/

    I applied to some of the same schools as you (in Illinois) this cycle. Did you ever hear back from Elmhurst? The one thing I really liked about this program is the fact that they seemed to look at the applicant as a whole, not just GPA. From what I remember of Depaul, they will still consider you if you are enrolled in or plan to enroll in your remaining prerequisite class. They also have winter cohorts, so it may be worth registering for OChem and reapplying for this winter. Also, I would consider applying to the Rosalind campus because the Lincoln Park campus filled up much faster, so it might be a bit more competitive. It's possible to take more GPA boosting classes, but some schools look exclusively at the GPA of your undergraduate degree. If I were you, I'd probably focus on taking the prerequisite courses needed to apply to more programs. Also, I'd look into other programs and apply to as many as I could. I've heard Milkin has a good program that looks at the applicant holistically. In addition, your GRE scores are average (a little below in the quantitative), so that could be a relatively easy and inexpensive area to improve upon. From what I've heard, PA school is very competitive, so it may be more difficult to get it. You were waitlisted, which is still a good thing! I wouldn't give up just yet. Take more classes that will open more doors for you and apply to more programs. Also, getting more patient experience would be a good thing as well. You could take a CNA class or look at volunteer opportunities. I know there is a program in Illinois that looks for volunteers to sit with hospice patients. I'm new to this whole process myself, so take my advice with a grain of salt! Good luck! I hope you get in somewhere :)
  3. MME20


    The Alzheimer's Association website has a lot of really great information and if you contact their free 24/7 helpline, they are more than willing to send you resources for specific areas you are interested in. Dementia – Signs, Symptoms, Causes, Tests, Treatment, Care | alz.org Dementia & Alzheimer's Caregiver Center Latest Facts & Figures Report | Alzheimer's Association
  4. MME20

    Stethoscope Bling?

    To the OP, congratulations on your acceptance to your program!
  5. MME20

    Pre-Nursing student STRESSING PLEASE HELP

    I have no idea how competitive ADN programs are, but I do know a lot of programs have minimum cutoff cumulative GPA's of a 2.5 or higher. For prerequisite courses, many have cutoff GPA's of at least a 3.0. Is there any way that you can improve your GPA? Could you take a year worth of classes and shoot for straight A's? Also, is your GPA a 2.35 without the grades of your repeated classes? For a couple of the nursing programs I applied to, repeated courses were counted in your final GPA. Therefore, I'd be careful to check how they are calculating your GPA to make sure you meet the requirements for the program. On another note, schools like to see an upward trend in GPA, so if your last year or two in school show consistent/improved grades, it could help. If you have taken a class 3 times and are still not passing with a significantly improved grade, this will be a cause of concern on your application. I honestly think you shouldn't be shooting for less than an A on your third retake. Can you can get a chemistry tutor or join a study group? My undergraduate institution offered free tutoring services for students. Maybe your school has a similar program? What kind of volunteer experience are you getting? Do you have strong references you can use? Having strong experiences/references may be able to help offset some of your GPA deficiencies. I'm starting my program this summer, so I don't have any experience in nursing school yet. However, my step-mom and sister have both just completed BSN programs. Both were 4.0 students and they struggled to maintain their GPAs in nursing school. The coursework is fast paced and you won't get the option of 3 retakes. Therefore, I'd really use your remaining time in your school to improve your study habits and find what works for you! There are some great books with different study strategies that might help. Maybe run through some of these options with your advisor and see what he/she says. Good luck!
  6. I actually didn't apply to many because I had to stay semi local due to my husband starting grad school this year. Anyways, I got into Depaul University, Elmhurst College, and Marquette University. I also had an interview at UIC that I canceled. I plan on attending Marquette University this May. I attended a large state university for undergrad, but OSU is much larger!! I was also a psych major and had large lecture classes, so I got involved in research on campus as a way to develop relationships with professors. As a result, my recommenders knew me well, so they could really write personalized letters. If you have time before you finish school, I'd really suggest trying to find a way to get to know a couple of professors a bit more. My husband was in a large anatomy class, so he made an effort to talk to his professor everyday and to visit office hours. As a result, he stood out and received a pretty strong letter. Could be worth a try as you finish up your prerequisites :) I really have no idea which is more competitive. For me, a MSN program made more sense and aligned more with my career goals, so I didn't research many accelerated BSN programs. Also, keep in mind that when they say something like "we receive an average of 200 applicants and admit a cohort of 50," it's likely that more than 50 had an offer of admission given that not everyone will accept the offer! So your chances could be higher than you think.
  7. I actually had very similar stats as you! In my case, I think my experiences and recommenders were what really helped me. I didn't think I had a great chance of getting in, but I ended up getting into all of the direct entry programs I applied to and will start classes this summer. You can't do much about your gpa (which isn't horrible), but you can continue to try to build your experience, get great recommendation letters, and write an awesome personal statement while you wait for your application cycle. Good luck!!!
  8. MME20

    Marquette University Direct Entry

    Gigi, maybe if we have a class president they can just take over the admin for the group lol. I hope you two get in! The first round of students had to let them know the 24th and I found out the morning of the 25th, so that was a really fast turn around. If they follow the same pattern, you guys should hear back around the 1st hopefully! I really hope you both get in!
  9. MME20

    Marquette University Direct Entry

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/1552436988352856/ I made a group! If anyone would like to be an admin, just let me know! I've never done this before, so let me know if you have any problems finding it
  10. MME20

    Marquette University Direct Entry

    I may pick your brain later lol. I can make one really quickly and post a link
  11. MME20

    Marquette University Direct Entry

    Congrats to you too! I'm so excited to meet everyone! Does anyone know if there is a fb page?
  12. MME20

    Marquette University Direct Entry

    I hope you get good news! There is still another round of you don't get one today! They said we have to make our decision by March 31st
  13. MME20

    Marquette University Direct Entry

    I got my acceptance email this morning! Anyone else??
  14. MME20

    DePaul MENP Fall 2015

    I haven't checked my campus connect for awhile, but today the immunization tab was there! I applied for the Rosalind Campus.
  15. MME20

    Elmhurst NME Fall 2015

    Ya me too! I'm just curious what the next steps are. When do you plan on moving to Illinois? And I actually did my undergrad on the eastern side of the state, but I'm originally from the Seattle area.
  16. MME20

    Elmhurst NME Fall 2015

    Other than an email about my financial aid status I haven't received anything. How about you? I'm dying to know more because I really haven't been able to find much online. I did get a chance to visit the campus and I really like it. It's a LOT smaller than where I did my undergrad, but it's beautiful.