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  1. smartpollito

    Houston Baptist University Fall 2015

    Yeah i will be taking a theology class in July.
  2. smartpollito

    Is anyone in the nursing program at Lamar University?

    Hi! I am interested in LU and i was reading that they dont have a min score for the HESI A2 except for reading comprehension that is a 79%. I wanted to know if anyone that had less than 75% on any parts of the test (a&p, math, grammar, chem, vocab) got into the school. I havent taking the Hesi test yet, but i am preparing to see where i can get it in if i am not happy with my scores. Thanks!
  3. smartpollito

    UTH-Hesi A2

    Yeah and what did they do. I didn't know about this.
  4. smartpollito

    UTH-Hesi A2

    Hi guys, I am bit worried because i just found out that you can only take the HESI A2 for UTH exam twice in a lifetime for nursing school. is this true? and has anyone had this happen to them?
  5. Hi, I really want to go to UTHS for the fall of 2015. but I may need to take electives, I am going to try to meet with them Friday. I took Spanish for dual credit in high school, so I am hoping that counts. * Does anybody know if I need to be done with everything (classes)by the time of the deadline or be done with them by the start of the fall? I already left them an email they haven't responded yet though. Also I haven't taken the Hesi A2 exam yet, I would like to know how is it and what I can expect. I finished A+P 1 and 2 this past summer. I am nervous because I know its competitive and I really want to get in. Thanks guys!
  6. smartpollito

    UTHSC-Nursing Pacesster

    Hi SO i missed the deadline for the Pacesster program for UTHSC which starts in the summer of 2015. i am right now in Community college and i am done with my basics until i saw that UTHSC has a prequisite of elective classes? Does anybody know about this? Another thing, How is the HESI A2 test? its my first time taking it. I want to apply for the fall of 2015. Please help. Thank You.
  7. smartpollito

    Nursing program

    umm I know that TWU requires 64% higher on each section of the TEAS.

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